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Team 22 Alpha, a collaboration of students from 3 different schools in India, Thailand and Singapore, have been chosen as the final winners of the Asia-Pacific edition of the Virtual CAS Conference Charity Hackathon. 

On the weekend of 5th – 6th of December 2020, 115 students from 21 different nationalities virtually traveled to Bhutan to collaborate with our Charity Hackathon partner Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN). 

Bhutan is renowned for its pioneering approach to conservation and is the only carbon negative country in the world. RSPN are committed to the conservation of the country’s unique ecosystems and species, particularly the critically endangered White-Bellied Herons and the rare Black-Necked Cranes, but their efforts have been severely hampered by COVID-19. 

Following an opening day of keynote speeches and facilitator-lead discussion workshops, students broke off into teams, with the challenge of creating a proposal and action plan to aid and support RSPN’s cause.

The winning team features students Yash, Yongyi, Sparsh, Tanya and Tanishq from the Victorious Kidss Educares, NPS International School and International School Bangkok.

Their proposal took into account the needs of the charity, and the fact that environmental donations have suffered in the light of the current global pandemic. In order to revitalize and sustain the environmental efforts hosted by RSPN, the winning team proposed launching an international awareness campaign: Art for Bhutan, Love for Earth. 

The project plan envisions volunteers in Singapore, Thailand and India coming together to paint small fragments of what will eventually shape a single art piece. This artwork will be auctioned off and the funds generated will go to RSPN to protect the endangered species, as well as raise awareness of the organization’s many other environmental initiatives.   

“We are incredibly excited about making this project a reality, conducting an art event in our respective geographical locations was an idea that all of us immediately liked, and we look forward to organizing it. It is a huge honor knowing that with the help of this project we will be able to support RSPN’s efforts in protecting nature.”, a statement from the winning team read.

The students will now begin an extended process of collaboration with charity representatives as they work hand in hand with RSPN to bring their project to life, aided by a USD$1000 donation by CAS Trips.

“The winning project presents a unique idea. The medium of advocating conservation through art drawn in different countries across various cultures would raise attention and certainly help with our outreach. The students captured the issue of raising funds during COVID-19, in which donors prefer to donate to humanitarian causes rather than environmental ones, very well.”, said Jigme Tshering from RSPN. 

The next Virtual CAS Conferences are planned to take place throughout 2021.

If you or your school are interested in participating, please send us an email to learn more.