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Before a CAS  Trip

If you feel unsatisfied by any aspect of CAS Trips; pre-trip customer service – whether it be about Sales,  Marketing or Communication with our staff – please send an email to outlining your complaint, and our team will evaluate and respond within 5 working days.

During a CAS  Trip

All on-trip issues should first be reported directly to the CAS Trips Leader in charge of the group. Our professional CAS Trips Leaders are trained to deal with all manner of issues that may arise on a trip. Once they receive a complaint from a student or teacher, they will do all they can to resolve it on the spot.

However, some issues may take a little longer to analyze and resolve, and these cases CAS Trips Leaders will alert the relevant Directors within 24 hours. After the appropriate procedures have been followed, Directors will enter in contact with affected parties and endeavour to find a solution as soon as possible.

After a CAS  Trip

All participants are invited to complete a post-trip satisfaction survey for Students or Teachers where comments on how to improve our service can be registered

However, if there are issues or problems that come to light after a CAS Trips has been completed which you would like CAS Trips to address, we invite you to email us on or in writing, addressed to: Complaints Department, CAS Trips sro, Zahradnickova 1220/20a, Praha 5, Kosire, 150 00, Czech Republic