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Who Are We?

Inspired by the International Baccalaureate’s Creativity, Activity, and Service programme, CAS Trips aims to make a genuine, sustainable impact through transformative cross-cultural experiences. 

We recognize our responsibility as educators and seek to harness the power of experiential learning to inspire students while bringing long-term benefits to the communities and environments in which we operate.

Meet the Team


Simon Armstrong


Simon heads the CAS Trips team. He founded CAS Trips in 2012 after several years of experience as an international school educator. He taught English Literature and Language at international schools in Indonesia, Switzerland, Brazil and Czech Republic, where the IB diploma program awoke a desire in him to inspire students to fulfil their maximum potential through educational travel.

Born in: York, United Kingdom
Currently lives in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite country: Czech Republic

Most memorable travel experience: Hitch-hiking around Uruguay with nothing but a camera around my neck, a bag on my back and €80 in my pocket.

Callum Reilly


Callum comes from a Finance and Economics background but quickly learnt that spending all his time in a suit and tie was not for him. He quit his job and backpacked around the world for 3 years before joining CAS Trips in 2014.

Born in: Melbourne, Australia
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Colombia

Most memorable travel experience: Traveling the Amazon from the north of Brazil into Colombia by sleeping in a hammock atop a supply boat.


Professional Development Director

Kristýna grew up in Abu Dhabi and spent her whole life in an international school environment. Being passionate about education, sustainability and currently perfecting her book binding skills, she manages the logistics at CAS Trips.

Born in: Prague, Czech Republic
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favourite country: Malaysia

Most memorable travel experience: Walking 800m deep into the crater of a Javanese volcano, sulphuric fumes and blue flames erupting from the depths of the earth.


Program Director

Neil was raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California by his Czech mother and American father before moving to Los Angeles to study and work in technical theater. He now splits his time between the two countries and uses his varied background to create spectacular CAS experiences for students.

Born in: Sacramento, California
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favourite country: Italy

Most memorable travel experience: Scuba diving and playing with the dogs of the sea (sea lions) in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.


Operations Director

Born and raised in Czech Republic, at 20 years old, Kamila decided to spend some time abroad and delved into Latin culture while studying Spanish Philology in Santiago de Compostela. After returning, her desire to stay in an international environment led her to the tourism industry where she developed her skills that allow her to create CAS experiences for all the young changemakers.

Born in: Prague, Czech Republic
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Spain

Most memorable travel experience: Watching the sun rise above Titicaca lake while leaving one of its isolated islands on a boat after being stranded overnight.


Global Student Exchange Director

Raised a classic Midwesterner, Sarah left the United States at 22 to live out her “European Dream”. She has since used her Journalism degree through teaching, tourism, and CAS Trips. Energized and eager to learn from each other, Sarah loves bringing lots of reflection into CAS Trips!

Born in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Vietnam

Most memorable travel experience: Hiking up Mount Merapi through the night to witness the active volcanic summit sunrise and catch some of the most breathtaking views!



Senior Destination Manager

Dominika grew up in New Jersey, where she earned her degree in education. After teaching English to students from countries around the world, she felt called to move to Prague and embark on a new journey. Her passions for education and travel led her to CAS Trips to help create sustainable, global learning experiences for students.

Born in: Union County, New Jersey
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Iceland

Most memorable travel experience: Hiking on Vatnajökull glacier and sipping ice water from small streams flowing on its surface.


Destination Manager

Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lamija came to Prague for a semester study abroad. She loved it so much that one semester was followed by another during her Master's Degree, when she finally decided to make Prague her home. With a degree in international relations, Lamija is very happy to be working in an international environment and using her skills to help students around the world get an unforgettable CAS experience.

Born in: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Italy

Most memorable travel experience: Having a small picnic at sunset time overlooking Durdle Door, after an unforgettable coastal hike.


Destination Manager

Sabina grew up in Vysočina's capital Jihlava. After finishing high school, she traveled to Dublin to become an au pair for a lovely Flemish family. The urge for education brought her back to the Czech Republic, where she started to study International Area Studies in Prague while working at various art festivals, focusing mainly on film, dance, and theater. It is the perfect blend of arts, physical engagement and altruism that drew her to work on CAS Trips programs.

Born in: Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Countries are way too big for me to be able to claim a favorite. I'd rather highlight my favorite cities: NYC, Prague, and Naples.

Most memorable travel experience: The Ultimate American Road Trip: traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast and back in only 10 days, mostly sleeping in the car and (not) showering at the gas stations.


Destination Manager

Eléanore has lived in various parts of France, and different opportunities also brought her to Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Czech Republic, and Romania. Added to her experiences working on Human Rights advocacy and on European Union and Eramus+ awareness, she is convinced in the power of travelling to inspire people to act for positive changes in society.

Born in: Bressuire, France
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Czech Republic, though Romania is not far behind

Most memorable travel experience: Renting a car to go through the Transfăgărășan road in Romania, where each turn brings you views that just keep on getting more beautiful, then going for a hike at the Balea Lake at the top of the road and seeing the fog rise, and once back down everything is so white you can barely see where you walk. Then taking back the car, going through the tunnel, and on the other side finding no fog, just a crystal clear blue sky.


Destination Manager

Born and raised on the stunning shores of Rio, João set sail from Brazil at 21 to chase a master's degree in Political Science and Migration Studies. His award-winning thesis on Interculturalism stands as a testament to his academic prowess. Since then, he's called four countries home and left his mark on three different continents. Now, João is eager to put his wealth of experience to work at CAS Trips.

Born in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently lives in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite country: This will sound cliché, but I must answer Brazil

Most memorable travel experience: Celebrating my 27th birthday on a secluded island at the mouth of the Kwanza River in Angola—no electricity, no reception, just me, 2 friends and a multitude of crab companions.


Destination Manager

Born and raised in the mountains of Northern California, Michael developed a passion for healthy living and sustainability. Coupled with his studies in Anthropology and a Masters in Education, he set out as a Math/Science teacher to help cultivate the next generation of changemakers. He now brings his expertise in education and a love for different cultures to ensure students experience CAS Trips while learning and growing along the way!

Born in: Nevada City, California
Lives in: Madrid, Spain
Favorite country: Costa Rica

Most memorable travel experience: Hiking up to Moraine Lake in Banff National Park Canada at 4 in the morning to set up my hammock and watch the sun rise over the mountains and the turquoise colored lake!


South America Manager

Simon left his native country, the United Kingdom, when he was 25. As a qualified journalist, he travelled through five continents, writing about travel and culture for major worldwide publications. He is currently perfecting his salsa steps in Medellin while directing CAS Trips Colombia.

Born in: Barnsley, England
Currently lives in: Medellin, Colombia
Favorite country: Ecuador (only because I am trying to not be too Colombia heavy)

Most memorable travel experience: Being slapped with stinging needles in the Ecuadorian Andes in order to cleanse my soul.


Marketing Manager

Born in: Zurich, Switzerland
Currently lives in: Berlin & Munich, Germany
Favorite country: South Africa – because the food tastes fresher, the music sounds better, the landscapes are majestic, and the sunlight hits differently.

Most memorable travel experience: Impossible to narrow it down to one – but attending the Medellín Spring Global Student Exchange Program and learning about Comuna 13 with a local guide and a creative workshop alongside a group of young international students is high on the list.


Educational Travel Consultant

Kathryn is a Theatre and Film graduate and an established actress in Prague. Her professional background in drama education supports students develop their skills in a fun and meaningful way.

Born in: Newcastle, Australia
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Czech Republic

Most memorable travel experience: Unzipping the door to our tent to the sight of the glorious snow-capped Alps before an early morning swim in the clear waters of Lake Geneva.


Operations Assistant

After growing up in Breda and studying in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Lenneke wanted to broaden her horizon. She therefore went to Prague for her Erasmus+ semester. During this time, Prague stole her heart and she decided to come back for a full time study in Human Rights & Sustainability Law. This made her realize she wanted to make Prague her home. Now, at CAS trips, she is happy to bring her education into practice and contribute to creating amazing and memorable trips for students all over the world.

Born in: Breda, The Netherlands
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Australia

Most memorable travel experience: My whole solo backpacking trip through Australia and New Zealand was my dream come true; starting in the Red Centre, traveling all the way down to Adelaide & Melbourne and up the East Coast, finishing off with an amazing road trip through New Zealand. One of the many memorable moments here was skydiving over the coast of Mission Beach, Australia, and landing on the beach.


Operations Assistant

Tereza grew up in a small town in the Czech-Moravian Highlands, from where her journey took a brief detour to experience high school in Dublin. This journey sparked her interest in travelling as she pursued a degree in cultural studies and journalism. Having worked in content marketing for several years, she gravitated primarily to healthcare, education, and projects overlapping history and culture. When she returned to Prague after a few years in Lisbon, CAS Trips allowed her to follow a more genuine path of contributing to these areas from the roots. She is excited to help and witness students discover themselves through intercultural learning experiences.

Born in: Pelhřimov, Czech Republic
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Portugal

Most memorable experience:
Hiking in Azores, Portugal, with all four seasons on display within a span of hours. Reaching the summit, we rewarded ourselves with a picnic accompanied by a marvellous rainbow.


Operations Assistant

By the age of 6 she decided to move to Coimbra and study in one of the most traditional universities in the world. Although it seemed more like a childhood fantasy, this was just the first step to build her dream to live as a nomadic, even before it became a trend. With this in mind, 20 years later she took her Master's degree in Psychology to the adventure - not always as a Psychologist. So far, she lived in different cities in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and on a cruise ship. Now she calls Czechia home. Proud to be part of the CAS Trips team, she is ready to go on the next step of this lifetime journey.

Born in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: after visiting over 20 countries in 4 continents... still Brazil

Most memorable experience: My first solo trip was a turning point in my life. Against all odds, I decided to go to Madrid alone for a week on new year's eve. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, it gave me all the confidence I have now to just go wherever and whenever I want.


Operations Assistant

Becca grew up in a small town in Florida, and spent her childhood dreaming of adventure and seeing all that the world had to offer. Despite traveling as much as she could from her home in the southern US, at 28 she committed to her adventurous spirit in earnest and moved to Prague to start over. Since then her wanderlust has only grown with each new friend made and experience gained, and she loves that she now has the opportunity to translate her love of travel into helping design excellent experiences for the new generation of globally-minded world travelers!

Born in: Chesterfield, Missouri
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Probably Spain, though it is so difficult to choose just one!

Most memorable experience:
It's a tie between sitting on a hill in Japan with friends watching the sun rise over the city of Marugame, or going kayaking in fjords of Norway. Both experiences left me in awe of the natural beauty all around me, and changed the way I saw the world and my human impact on it.

The Virtual CAS Conference helped me come out of my shell and gave me confidence to interact with many new people. This definitely improved my social skills! It was a wholesome, enriching experience, and is a must if you are keen about gaining more perspectives on the ongoing global issues in our world.

Abhishek RameshStudent from Singapore

From a teacher’s perspective, the safety factor and the well-designed program made us feel 100% at ease in Medellin. Knowing that the kids were having the time of their lives also helped. We truly enjoyed this trip, growing professionally along with the students.

Meredith BradyPacific Ridge School

Our CAS Trip to Medellin was meticulous and extremely well-planned. Outstanding job coordinating every last detail. Our students absolutely loved it. CAS Trips is a top-rate travel partner. Thank you for everything!

Chris BurmanPacific Ridge School

Sustainable themes are woven into every activity in the most beautiful and brilliant manner, originating meaningful discussions and reflections. Excellent organization, outstanding service, and an exceptional itinerary... I would most definitely recommend this trip.

Sofía Elizalde DuránIB Arts and Dance Teacher in Chile

A tremendous week… A massive thank you to our amazing guide for his professionalism, hard work, knowledge and persona. The students and staff have really enjoyed his wisdom.

Adam SeymourIB Teacher at La Cote International School in Switzerland

International cuisine, a service project and creative experiences rounded up the trip, making it a real CAS trip. The flexibility of CAS Trips makes individual, customized trips possible and the different destinations always offer unique experiences.

Veronika BrecklerCAS Coordinator at International School Mainfranken in Germany

I am very happy with the CAS Global Student Exchange program and I have 17 students travelling next April. I went this year with the students and loved it. The organisation is very professionally run and my students still keep up with the contacts they made.

Christine WardIB Coordinator at Narrabundah High School in Australia

CAS Trips provided our students with a valuable perspective on their destination, one that could not have been had simply as tourists. Each of the tours and activities brought us closer to the heartbeat of the city.

John TaylorIB English Teacher at Metropolitan School of Frankfurt in Germany

The CAS trip really helped me make connections across everything I had been learning in IB and real life. We were highly stimulated and encouraged to work collaboratively, which really helped with the bonding of the class. It felt more like a complete vacation than like a class trip.

Ines OortIB Student in Germany

The activities were really fun and I learnt a lot about a whole range of things. Also, it is great to feel like you might be helping someone and doing some good while you are enjoying yourself.

IB Student in Switzerland

I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm the CAS Trips staff have for what they do. The whole team have ensured the group is safe, engaged and entertained from dawn to dusk. I highly recommend CAS Trips for IB Diploma level experiential learning experiences and a wonderful week in breath taking Prague.

Richard Dixon-ClarkeGeography Teacher & CAS Coordinator at ICS Inter-Community School Zurich

Our partner schools

Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi
St. Catherine’s Moorlands, Argentina
Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum, Armenia
Narrabundah College, Australia
International Christian School of Vienna, Austria
St Giligen’s, Austria
Danube International School, Austria
Dunya School, Azerbaijan
Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School, Bahrain
Bahrain Bayan School, Bahrain
Riffa Views International School, Bahrain
Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School, Bahrain
Bogaerts International School, Belgium
QSI International School of Sarajevo, Bosnia
The British School of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pan American School of Bahia, Brazil
Wish Bilingual School, Brazil
Colonel By Secondary School, Canada
Regiopolis-Notre Dame, Canada
École internationale de Montréal, Canada
École secondaire publique L’Héritage, Canada
IE Weldon Secondary School, Canada
Lillian Osborne High School, Canada
Holy Heart High School, Canada
Mosaïque School, Canada
Park View Education Centre, Canada
Ross Sheppard High School, Canada
Instituto Alemán Carlos Anwandter, Chile
Nido De Aguilas, Chile
St Gabriel’s High School, Chile
German School, Chile
International School of Nanshan Shenzhen, China
Huaer Zizhu Lemania College, China
Beijing World Youth Academy, China
Yew Chung International School Of Beijing, China
Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia
The Columbus School, Colombia
Colegio La Colina, Colombia
Lincoln School, Costa Rica
American International School of Zagreb, Croatia
American International School, Cyprus
International School of Prague, Czech Republic
Birkerød Gymnasium, Denmark
Beau Soleil, Denmark
Skt Jose’f School, Denmark
EUC SYD, Denmark
Balandra School, Ecuador
Colegio Terranova, Ecuador
Ecomundo Centro de Estudios, Ecuador
Colegio Stella Maris, Ecuador
Colegio Britanico, Ecuador
San Martin, Ecuador
Cairo American College, Egypt
British International School of Cairo, Egypt
The American International School, Egypt
Antigua International School, Guatemala
New School, Georgia
European School, Georgia
International School of Dresden, Germany
International School of Mainfranken, Germany
Berlin British School, Germany
Metropolitan School Frankfurt, Germany
US Neustadt, Germany
Al-Rayan International School, Ghana
Doukas School, Greece
DelCampo School, Honduras
Union School, Haiti
Harrow International School, Hong Kong
Britannica International School, Hungary
Ecole Mondiale World School, India
British School of New Delhi, India
Victorious Kidss Educares, India
CM Academy, India
Oakridge, India
Pathways Noida, India
The British School New Delhi, India
Kodaikanal International School, India
Calcutta International School, India
Cita Hati, Indonesia
Canadian School of Milan, Italy
English International School of Padova, Italy
International School of Trieste, Italy
St George’s British International Rome, Italy
International School of Turin, Italy
Marymount International School Rome, Italy
St Stephen’s School, Italy
Hillel Academy, Jamaica
Tsukuba International School, Japan
Mashrek IS, Jordan
Alylilah School For Girls, Jordan
Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan
Aga Khan Mombassa, Kenya
Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan
New English School, Kuwait
American Community School Beirut, Lebanon
Le Bocage International School, Mauritius
Eton, Mexico City, Mexico
JFK – The American School of Querétaro, Mexico
Colegio Del Valle, Mexico

Colegio Internacional Terranova, Mexico
Alexander Bain School, Mexico
CETYS, Mexico
Colegio Del Valle De Culiacan, Mexico
Instituto Bilingüe VICTORIA, Mexico
Madison International School, Mexico
Myanmar Int. School of Yangon, Myanmar
British School in Netherlands, Netherlands
United World College Maastricht, Netherlands
Vechtstede College, Netherlands
International School of Groningen, Netherlands
Amsterdam ICS, Netherlands
RLO, Netherlands
International School Eindhoven, Netherlands
Greensprings School, Nigeria
American International School of Lagos, Nigeria
Bjørnholt Videregående Skole, Norway
Porsgrunn Videregående Skole, Norway
TNS Beacon House, Pakistan
Boston School International, Panama
Franklin D Roosevelt, Peru
International British Academy, Philippines
Southville Int. School, Philippines
Oporto British School, Portugal
Baldwin School Of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Caribbean School, Puerto Rico
Middle East International School, Qatar
American School of Doha, Qatar
American International School of Bucharest, Romania
British School of Bucharest, Romania
Brookes Moscow Int. IB School, Russia
Alexander Pushkin School, Russia
Green Hills Academy, Rwanda
Al Faris International School, Saudi Arabia
Al Isra International School Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Advanced Learning Schools, Saudi Arabia
NPS International School, Singapore
GEMS World Academy, Singapore
Aloha College, Spain
Colegio Virgen de Europa, Spain
Laude Newton College, Spain
Benjamin Franklin International School, Spain
American School of Bilbao, Spain
Bladins IS Malmö, Sweden
Regent International School, Switzerland
JFK, Switzerland
Ecole Monser, Switzerland
La Cote International School, Switzerland
Inter Community School Zurich, Switzerland
Aiglon College, Switzerland
Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland
International School Of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland
International School Basel, Switzerland
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Lemania Verbier Int. School, Switzerland
Beau Soleil, Switzerland
Zurich International School, Switzerland
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American Pacific International School, Thailand
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The Aga Khan High School, Kampala, Uganda
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Westminster Academy, UK
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St.Brendan’s School, Uruguay
International School of Los Angeles, USA
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Avenues The World School, USA
Beaumont School, USA
Douglas County High School, USA
Robinson School, USA
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International School of Indiana, USA
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Santa Margarita Catholic High School, USA
Pacific Ridge, USA
School Lane, USA
The Clinton School, USA
Trinity High School, USA
Salem NJ, USA
The British School Caracas, Venezuela

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