Who Are We?

CAS Trips is an educational tour operator. We tackle the UN SDGs whilst engaging in volunteer projects inspired by the notions of Creativity, Activity and Service. Together with schools, we aim to make a genuine, sustainable impact by taking students on a customized school trip.

CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service and is derived from the IB curriculum. 5,000 students from over 70 schools from around the world have traveled with CAS Trips. Together we have completed over 25,000 service hours with local charities and NGOs in various destinations.

Mission Statement

CAS Trips’ principal aim is to Educate, Challenge and Inspire students to become global-minded, conscientious young adults by harnessing the excitement and power of travel to introduce, explore and engage with real global issues in real life situations.













Our Services

As educators and volunteer travel experts, we understand the stresses of organizing student travel for teachers and therefore cater directly to your needs. CAS Trips offers teachers free places on tours alongside planning and executing all-inclusive transport, accommodation, food and customized tours for your school trip. Simply put, we make travel with students easy and stress-free.


CAS Trips offer an all-inclusive travel service. For international transport, we offer group rates via our international travel partners, STA Education Travel. For day-to-day travel within destination cities, we utilize the public transport systems, with all travel passes included. Additionally, when necessary, we offer private transport for day trips and airport transfers.  


We offer two standards of accommodation: Budget or Comfort. The Budget accommodation option refers to high-end, centrally-located hostels with 8, 6 or 4-bed dorms for students and private rooms for accompanying adults. The slightly more expensive Comfort accommodation option refers to mid-range, centrally-located 3-4* hotels, with twin rooms for students and private rooms for accompanying adults.


When we say all-inclusive, we mean it! All breakfasts, lunches and evening meals are included, saving you time and money.


CAS Trips tours stay in the memory of students and teachers for a lifetime. Our highly competent team of university-educated, full-time professional guides all possess fluent or advanced level English, work permits and international police clearance checks.

Meet the Team


Simon Armstrong


Simon heads the CAS Trips team. He founded CAS Trips in 2012 after several years of experience as an international school educator. He taught English Literature and Language at international schools in Indonesia, Switzerland, Brazil and Czech Republic, where the IB diploma program awoke a desire in him to inspire students to fulfil their maximum potential through educational travel.

Born in: York, United Kingdom
Currently lives in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite country: Czech Republic

Most memorable travel experience: Hitch-hiking around Uruguay with nothing but a camera around my neck, a bag on my back and €80 in my pocket.

Callum Reilly


Callum comes from a Finance and Economics background but quickly learnt that spending his all his time in a suit and tie was not for him. He quit his job and backpacked around the world for 3 years before joining CAS Trips in 2014.

Born in: Melbourne, Australia
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Colombia

Most memorable travel experience: Traveling the Amazon from the north of Brazil into Colombia by sleeping in a hammock atop a supply boat.


Director of Operations

Kristýna grew up in Abu Dhabi and spent her whole life in an international school environment.

Being passionate about education, sustainability and currently perfecting her book binding skills, she manages the logistics at CAS Trips.

Born in: Prague, Czech Republic
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favourite country: Malaysia

Most memorable experience: Walking 800m deep into the crater of a Javanese volcano, sulphuric fumes and blue flames erupting from the depths of the earth

Destination Managers


Business Development Manager

Pedro is a smooth-talking video game geek with a keen interest in education. In college Pedro became disillusioned with institutional education and dated curricula and made it his mission to transform the process of learning into something more relatable for students. Pedro believes education should be exciting and innovative, breaking away from traditional methods of teaching and moving more towards exploration.

Born in: Barreiro, Portugal
Currently lives in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite country: Croatia
Most memorable travel experience: Being bitten by a Moray Eel while diving off of the Vicentine Coast of Portugal with a snorkel. After the Eel managed to bite through my 4 mm diving suit, it eventually transformed into the basic ingredient of a fish soup.


Prague Manager

Kathryn is a Theatre and Film graduate and an established actress in Prague. Her professional background in drama education supports students develop their skills in a fun and meaningful way.

Born in: Newcastle, Australia
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Czech Republic

Most memorable travel experience: Unzipping the door to our tent to the sight of the glorious snow-capped Alps before an early morning swim in the clear waters of Lake Geneva.


Global Student Conferences Academic Director

Ross taught history and government in public schools in the USA for 39 years and served as an IBDP Coordinator for 24 of those years. He helped organize an IB world student conference in 2010 before accepting a contract with the IBO to coordinate their series of 18 IB World Student Conferences, 2012-2018.

Born in: Henderson, Texas, USA
Currently lives in: Portland, Oregon, USA
Favorite country: The Netherlands
Most memorable travel experience: Planning an epic road trip based around a Bob Dylan concert tour in Europe during the 1980s. Through countless hitchhikes, campsite conversations and glasses of beer, I eventually scored tickets to 4 concerts in different locations.


Colombia Manager

Simon left his native country, the United Kingdom, when he was 25. As a qualified journalist, he travelled through five continents, writing about travel and culture for major worldwide publications. He is currently perfecting his salsa steps in Medellin while directing CAS Trips Colombia.

Born in: Barnsley, England
Currently lives in: Medellin, Colombia
Favorite country: Ecuador (only because I am trying to not be too Colombia heavy)

Most memorable travel experience: Being slapped with stinging needles in the Ecuadorian Andes in order to cleanse my soul.


Global Student Exchange Director

Raised a classic Midwesterner, Sarah left the United States at 22 to live out her “European Dream”. She has since used her Journalism degree through teaching, tourism, and CAS Trips. Energized and eager to learn from each other, Sarah loves bringing lots of reflection into CAS Trips!

Born in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Vietnam
Most memorable travel experience: Hiking up Mount Merapi through the night to witness the active volcanic summit sunrise and catch some of the most breathtaking views!


CAS Trips Prague Chief Financial Officer

As a student Pavel was excited by the collapse of communism and the beginning of a new era in his country. After studying management and business, he ended up working in IT for more than a decade. After living in London and Dublin, Pavel came back to Prague, and is now raising his son Matej with his wife Kathryn.

Born in: Cesky Brod, Czechoslovakia
Currently lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite country: Thailand
Most memorable travel experience: Climbing the Carpathian Highlands in eastern Ukraine, and not seeing anyone except shepherds for days. They shared fantastic stories about enormous bears whose size grew more each time they told a story.


Edinburgh Manager

Originally hailing from Aberdeen, Greg is an avid historian, philosopher, writer, animator and musician, there are many strings to Greg’s bow. He has lead school groups all across Europe and thrives in story-telling mode.

Born in: Aberdeen, Scotland
Currently lives in: Edinburgh, Scotland
Favorite country: Belgium

Most memorable travel experience: Dancing all night with the locals until the sun came up over a trumpet folk music festival in the Serbian countryside.

Marketing & Communications

Virginia & Natascha

Marketing & Communications

Born in: Zurich, Switzerland
Currently live in: Lisbon, Portugal & Munich, Germany
Favorite country traveled together: Italy – because we love good food.

Most memorable shared travel experience: Camping in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and creating our own open-air toilet with a shovel.

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