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We provide safety by

Conducting and providing detailed risk assessments

Overseeing all tours by our trained, professional guides at all times

Ensuring a minimum of 1:20 staff to student ratio

Offering 24/7 online support via email ahead of a trip

Recording the highest safety and security standards for all third-party air, bus and rail companies

Supplying parents with a full day-by-day trip itinerary including all transport details and 24-hour contact numbers

Implementing a “buddy system”, in which each student paired with and assumes responsibility for another’s welfare, safety and whereabouts

Expecting all participants to maintain adequate travel insurance

We understand that it is difficult to plan in times of uncertainty. Flexibility and confidence can be invaluable, and we understand you might be apprehensive when it comes to booking a CAS Trip right now. For that reason we want to assure you that you can change your group’s plans if required. 

Any trip that can no longer go ahead due to official travel restrictions can have the full balance transferred to any other CAS Trips booking within the next 24 months from the planned date of travel, at no expense to you.

Contact us to find out how CAS Trips can help your students achieve their learning outcomes during a school trip abroad!

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