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We hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these times of COVID-19. We received a lot of positive feedback from parents and teachers on our last blog post 10 Tips for Wellness during Social Distancing. So, we wanted to continue offering students valuable distance learning resources.

As you may know, our company name, CAS Trips, is an acronym for Creativity, Activity and Service. So, this week we put together a list of the best Creative, Active and Service (C-A-S) activities which students can engage with during self-isolation. Here are our 15 favorites! 


  1. We are experiencing history in the making. Use this opportunity and keep a journal for the next few weeks – it can be either physical or digital (for example, using Penzu). Document your experience through photos, drawings, interviews with others or poems, for example.  
  2. Lean a new skill and take an online class through Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy or many of the other online learning platforms. 
  3. Is your artwork stacking up? Create a free website with Wix or an account on a social media platform to host all your work. 
  4. Learn a new DIY skill such as crafting, scrapbooking, making beauty/health products (like hand sanitizer), crocheting, sewing (make your own face mask!).
  5. Take an online tour of some of the most famous museums in the world and write about what you learned. 


  1. Are you getting busy with home workouts? Film yourself and create short videos using OpenShot to share with your friends and family, and inspire others to stay active. 
  2. Dare your friends to partake in a plank challenge – who can hold the longest? 
  3. Host a live Zoom session with your friends for some mindful yoga or pilates. Maybe even open up the class to their family and friends.  
  4. Start taking care of your diet – analyze your diet and create an informed nutritional plan with recipe ideas and exercise routines using website HappyForks or the myfood24 app
  5. Participate in a 30-Day fitness challenge like this one with Tim or the one created by Women’s Health.


  1. Write thank you cards for hospital staff and send it to the nearest hospital. Post offices are still up and running! 
  2. Staying home is now more important than ever. Create awareness videos to share with your local community – focus on safety hygiene and the importance of self-quarantining.  
  3. Tutor your peers via video call or help your younger siblings with their schoolwork.   
  4. Reach beyond your local community, and volunteer to teach English to Thai high school students via Speaking Hub.
  5. Support the elderly community in your neighborhood with grocery runs. You could even provide them with home cooked meals for them to enjoy while you chat with them on Skype.

This is just a small fraction of what can be done – there is so much more! Contact us if you need more inspiration or any suggestions during this time of self-quarantine. And most importantly, stay home and stay safe!