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With more countries around the world returning to a partial or full lockdown, finding Service opportunities online is important in order to help those around us, as well as keep up with CAS requirements.

Although some of us are stuck in lockdown, there are still many communities and organizations in need of help. Put your extra time into finding the perfect CAS project for you, and volunteer for one of our newly recommended Service opportunities. 

Here are this month’s selection of organizations where your help is needed:

1. Innovate, Act, Impact at Our Upcoming Virtual CAS Conference 

Based in the Asia-Pacific region? Join our Virtual CAS Conference this weekend to collaborate with students from around the world in webinars, discussion workshops and a Charity Hackathon! Based on the themes of COVID-19 and Climate Change, this is your chance to make a genuine impact locally and globally, with like-minded people from around the planet. Register here

2. Find a Project Tailored to Fit Your Skills at Catchafire 

At Catchafire, you can decide when, what, and how you complete a Service project. Choose from a variety of important Service opportunities to find the perfect fit for your unique situation. Want to dedicate more time to Service overall? Choose multiple projects to volunteer for at the same time.

3. Participate in Crucial Research Opportunities with Zoouniverse 

Put your research skills to use through this “people-powered” research site, whether it’s helping endangered species or working on literature transcription, there is definitely a Service project out there that needs your skills set.

4. Find and Solve a Real World Problem with

Get creative and tackle a real world problem through the power of the Internet. Use social media to help the environment or donate DIY masks to those who can’t afford to buy their own. Through you can watch your actions create authentic and crucial impact.

5. Enhance Your Knowledge in a Specific Area with Coursera 

Sometimes Service learning begins with traditional learning. Select one of many free online courses (e.g. Sustainable Fashion at the Copenhagen Business School) offered by Coursera to build a knowledge foundation in your area of choice. Once you’ve completed your learning, use the inspiration and ideas from your online course to start a Service project of your own.  

6. Become a Learning Ally

Put time into helping students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, with understanding their class material. With Learning Ally, you can become a narrator, listener, or editor. Narrate textbooks, listen for errors in the audio, or work with audio quality and make sure recordings are smooth. Give the gift of education and make studying easier for those with difficulties.

Students, CAS Trips are also connected with smaller organizations and projects, in the primary stages of establishing their organization, which are very open to taking student volunteers on board. Just drop us an email to find out more. 

Teachers, is there any aspect of this school year which you could use our assistance and resources with? Feel free to reach out regarding further teacher resources as well.