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As educators, we understand the intrinsic role reflection and long-term, sustainable engagement plays within pedagogical philosophy. We therefore integrate reflection workshops within each student tour. A core element of the reflection process educates our travelers to “think global, act local”, ensuring sustainable, lifelong learning beyond high school.

There are two student activities integrated into every CAS trip:

The Reflection Center

Reflections are an important part of all CAS Trips and we therefore ask participants to create a post-trip reflection about the challenges they experienced. The reflections can be in the form of written diary entries, poems, songs or a creative video, PowerPoint presentation or a piece of art – the sky is your limit!

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The CAS Project Challenge

During your CAS Trip, you will learn about the UN SDGs  and how to organize and engage in a long-term collaborative CAS Project that will have a positive impact on your community back home.

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