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Let’s be honest, COVID-19 isn’t having a positive effect on mental health right now. It seems, as more countries go into national lockdown, that this pandemic and its restrictions will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

No one can deny that being unable to go out, interact with people, or lead a “normal” life is incredibly taxing on our mental health. So, it is more important than ever that we take the time to focus on ourselves and remind ourselves that these restrictions will not last forever. 

Take care of yourself in the coming months with these 10 mental wellness activities:

1. Relax Your Mind with Headspace 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let yourself relax using headspace. Learn how to meditate, concentrate on the important things in your life, and practice mindfulness. Download the app or simply use their website to clear your mind and start your meditation journey today.

2. Spend Time in the Nature 

What’s better than taking a walk and getting some fresh air. Whether it’s by yourself or with a family member, exercise is key for a healthy mind. Depending where you live, spend some time doing winter activities. Hop on a sled or put on a pair of skates and enjoy the snow for a while!  

3. Have a Self Care Day 

Take a bath or a shower, slip into your favorite robe, put on a facemask, and treat yourself to a Self Care Day. Cuddle up in bed, watch your favorite movie, and just relax. 

4. Get Together Virtually 

While we can’t actually meet up with our friends, it doesn’t mean we can’t hangout. There are still plenty of things to do together. Watch a movie using Teleparty, play an online game, host a book club, or simply just check in with each other and have a conversation over coffee. Interacting with people is a crucial part of your mental wellbeing, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

5. Get Artsy 

What better way to keep your eyes away from those never-ending Corona-related news cycles, than to do something artistic. Whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, painting, or even writing a short story, get your creativity flowing and create something fun! Check out this BuzzFeed article or YouTube video for inspiration. Art is a great way to feel optimistic and focus on something positive. 

6. Disconnect from the Internet 

The internet is a great place, but sometimes it can fill our lives with unneeded stress, tension, and negativity. Take a moment to forget about any work drama or study difficulties by disconnecting from your electronics for a while, and relax with a good book or some music.

7. Make Something Yummy 

Feeling inspired? Channel that energy into baking a sweet treat for you and your family. Whether it’s by yourself or with someone else, baking is a great way to relax, have fun, and create something. Plus, you’ll get a tasty snack out of it!

8. Spend Time In-Person with Your Family  

Not all of you might be living with your family, but if you are, be sure to spend time with them. Turn off your laptop at the end of a work or school day, refrain from turning on the telly. Arrange a fixed time for dinner every day to ensure some sort of routine – and something interactive to look forward to. 

9. Express Gratitude Through Creativity 

We know how hard it is to feel truly optimistic about the future right now, so that’s why we are focusing on the present. Gratitude is one of the most important aspects of mental wellbeing, it is important to remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives. 

Start a journal, a blog, or even a diagram or poster to express your gratitude. Update it one day at a time with a new thing to be thankful for every day and come back to it when you need a reminder. Soon you’ll have a few months’ worth of things to be grateful for!

10. Plan Your Week 

Not sure how to get yourself out of an unproductive slump? Don’t worry, this has probably happened to everyone at one stage or another during quarantine. All you need to do is plan your week ahead using a weekly planner. Start on Sunday and write down all of the things you need to get done for that week. 

This way you’ll have a clear view of the coming week and be able to check your to dos off as they come. This is your space to organize yourself, be creative, and feel productive. Stay organized to keep a healthy mind!