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New Year’s resolution: find meaningful Service Experiences. 2021 is finally here and with it, comes new opportunities to serve your community, whether it be local or global. As most of the world is still under COVID-19 restrictions, distance or hybrid learning, social distancing, and even self isolation are making CAS Experiences hard to come by. 

However, our team is here to support you and your endeavors to find important Service projects despite the difficulties many face due to this pandemic. 

So while we wait for the vaccine to roll out, why not take this time to help those in need, and give back to your community. We will continue to offer online Service opportunities on a monthly basis – make sure to keep an eye out for a new Service Experience or CAS Project! 

Here are this month’s selection of organizations where your help is needed.

1. Help NASA Classify Coral Reefs by Playing NeMO-Net

Interested in saving our oceans? Download NeMO-Net, a game where you paint images of coral, rate other players’ attempts, and level up by exploring the world under the surface. 

By downloading the App, you can help NASA classify our precious reefs while you have fun and learn all about the ocean.

2. Tutor Homeless Children and Teenagers through School on Wheels 

Homelessness is a huge problem in Southern California with 1 in 20 children finding themselves without a home. Through school on wheels, you can tutor, work, and interact with children ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a good education, so why not take the first step in trying to solve this major issue. 

3. Use UN Volunteers to Find a Project of Global Significance

Enjoy Model United Nations or thinking of becoming a United Nations delegate someday? Through UN Volunteers, you can find crucial online Service projects that need your attention. 

Whether it’s teaching children English or proofreading important documents, don’t hesitate to get involved in one of these meaningful Service opportunities. 

4. Enjoy History? Become a Citizen Scholar with the Smithsonian Institute 

Want to read field notebooks investigating different reptiles in South Dakota or the personal diaries of important historical figures? 

Help the Smithsonian Institute transcribe historical documents, important papers, and scientific records to make them accessible to the general public as well as researchers. Join over 10,000 people to learn about the past in this virtual service opportunity. 

5. Interested in Computers and Cybersecurity? Volunteer with Teenangels 

If you’re looking for a tech related CAS Project, go ahead and volunteer with Teenangels. This project teaches internet safety and responsibility to children, teachers, and even parents. 

Write columns for websites, become good public speakers and researchers, and you might go on to work with companies like Disney and Microsoft. Help make the internet a safe place for everyone!

6. Help Girls Navigate Gender Barriers by Becoming a Girls Inc. Ambassador

Become a social media ambassador for Girls Inc. and create and share uplifting posts to help girls around the world. 

All you have to do is dedicate 5 minutes a week to advocate for the mission of Girls Inc. on your social media account. Help inspire girls around the world to get involved and spread a positive message.