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As I am graduating high school soon, this was my last CAS trip, I was trying to be as open as possible for it. I approached everything as respecting and fair as possible, and I think that the activities we attended this time were interesting, as always. Some were more of a challenge to me and some were things that I felt fairly comfortable with. I liked the balance of Activity and Creativity a lot this time, we were animated to do things that we probably would have not done in our regular life and that was something I enjoyed a lot this time. The largest challenge and the thing that I have had to be as patient and open as I could was the Kayaking. As much as I hate cold weather, cold water and the general circumstances, I pulled through and after that, I really felt good. I felt good about myself and I know that this trip was something that changed me a little more as a person. In the future, I will still try to attend things or activities that I would maybe not, just to enlarge my knowledge and have an open perspective for everything.

Written by: Finn Forche, IB student at International School of Mainfranken. Visited Kraków in September 2018.