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With international travel again on the table, picking a destination for your school trip abroad is exciting and probably a little daunting. There are so many intriguing places to visit that it can be hard to know where to start. 

Here we have compiled a few of our top destinations to inspire you and help you narrow down your options. Through exposure to different cultures, students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the world and an appreciation for other peoples’ ways of life. Not to mention that traveling with your students can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences you can have as an educator. So enjoy the following list and let your imagination run wild!   

School Trips in Europe

Discover the many wonders of Prague

Known for its diverse architecture and world-class museums, Prague is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fortitude and determination of the Czech spirit are alive and well, and the city has many options to inspire students to delve deeper into Service Learning. Unfolding among well-preserved castles, Baroque and Gothic cathedrals, medieval squares, and captivating bridges, a visit to Prague is guaranteed to be an eye-opening and enriching school trip. 

Be charmed by the many sides of Edinburgh 

Edinburgh‘s unique architectural charm is the perfect setting to engage students in history and culture. With a spectacular Gothic UNESCO-listed old town playing host to some of the most dynamic and varied art schools and community projects in the world—Edinburgh is the proud home of many young people seeking to make an impact on the world around them. Here you can discover the ancient art of Scottish storytelling, visit unique local arts projects, kayak through the mountains, dance the night away in a traditional Cèilidh, and get involved with some fantastic charities. 

Go from cosmopolitan bustle to alpine tranquility in Zurich 

Located in an Alpine setting on the northwestern banks of Lake Zurich, the sophisticated metropolis of Zurich is a sight to behold. Constituting the heart of Switzerland and situated in the center of Europe, the Swiss capital is ripe with opportunities for CAS activities and experiences. And for lovers of nature, alpine mountain ranges, rolling hills, and lakes are all just a few steps away from this dynamic and multicultural city.

School trips in Lisbon with CAS Trips

Soak up the spirit of Lisbon 

For students, Lisbon is the perfect setting for an exciting adventure that includes authentic Portuguese culture, a variety of fascinating neighborhoods, and astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Lisbon is an all-year destination, so its laid-back culture and robust sense of history are available to you at any time. The Portuguese people love sharing their unique and fascinating homeland, so be prepared to be greeted by a friendly smile from a local. 

Get sustainability inspiration in Copenhagen 

Well-known for being a multicultural hub, Copenhagen is the perfect city to visit when it comes to getting sustainability inspiration. This fascinating school trip destination is filled with the newest technologies, sustainable solutions, and iconic architecture. Danes are recognized across the globe for their innovative approach to sustainable living – from growing organic produce in their many urban greenhouses to promoting cycling culture across this highly liveable city.

Teach students about the history of Berlin

The stage for many a significant historic event, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin became synonymous with freedom, tolerance, and creativity. As such, Berlin is a particularly interesting destination for subjects like history and cultural and artistic studies. It offers plenty of opportunities for practical assignments and allows pupils to experience the theoretical material firsthand.

Berlin School Trips

Explore the Unique Geography of the Azores 

A school trip to these stunning islands allows students to get out of the classroom and get closer to nature. Created at the junction of three tectonic plates, the nine Portuguese islands of the Azores make the perfect destination for an educational and inspirational geography trip. Here you will have the opportunity to visit natural hot springs and lava tubes, learn about the operations of a tea plantation, and perhaps even spot whale or two emerging from the Atlantic Ocean.

School Trips in the Americas 

Be carried away by the magic of Colombia in Medellín

Among the most biodiverse countries in the world, Colombia is bursting with different species of birds and flowers. The locals are known for their cheerful and openhearted demeanor and love of showing off the place they call home. Over the last two decades, Medellín, in particular, has transformed into one of the most sought-after travel destinations in South America. The bustling city incorporates industry and commerce while thriving in agriculture and creativity – making it an exciting destination for your next student trip. 

Feel the rhythm of the city in New York 

A city that needs no introduction, it is with good reason that New York has been immortalized through art repeatedly. From the stunning skyscrapers of Manhattan, the immaculately-preserved greenery of Central Park, and the majestic grandeur of Brooklyn Bridge, few cities on earth stimulate the senses quite like NYC. This city celebrates its multicultural spirit and is the perfect place for students to witness people from all around the world, and from very different walks of life, sharing a city they love. 

Schools Trips in New York

Witness a wealth of biodiversity in Costa Rica

When planning your next school trip—Costa Rica offers thrilling adventures, rich cultural experiences, and endless opportunities to learn. In a country with 6 percent of the biodiversity in the world, you’ll find beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and fascinating wildlife. Explore the possibilities of CAS through animal and conservation projects, experience the delicious local cuisine, and explore the lush Costa Rican jungle by canal, foot, and even zipline. 

School Trips in Asia

Unlock the mysteries of Cambodia 

If it is a more adventurous school trip you are after—Cambodia is a fascinating pick. Ancient and modern worlds collide in this stunning location, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. The remains of the Khmer empire can be seen at the fabled temples of Angkor, monuments unrivaled in scale and grandeur in Southeast Asia. You can also take in the rhythms of rural life, be dazzled by the shimmering the landscapes of rice paddies, and witness the swaying sugar palms in Cambodia’s countryside.

Experience a rich cultural tradition in Thailand 

Thailand offers students a rich culture and a beautiful landscape. Dive into customary Thai traditions and folklife while experiencing the country’s spectacular temples, extraordinary architecture, ancient cities, and delicious cuisine. There is also an abundance of service project opportunities in Chiang Mai that go towards aiding the local communities. 

Do you think you have found the perfect destination for your next school trip? Find out more about what CAS Trips can do for you by downloading one of our destination brochures or getting in touch with us directly.