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Finding motivation to work on your CAS Portfolio while in lockdown is hard. It’s totally normal to feel unproductive and uninspired. Our team is here to help by bringing you more CAS ideas which you use to complete CAS at home! 

Here are 15 more CAS activities for students at home:


  1. Hop on IBGoneIn60Secs and share your subject knowledge and communications skills with other IB students around the world. Using their YouTube channel, you can help students revise and study while also supporting the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. 
  2. Join the IB World Choir and sing together. All students – young or old, graduates, parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone who wants to sing is welcome. To join, fill out this form and check out The Quarantined Choir’s previous projects. Nothing lifts the spirits more than singing!
  3. Learn how to play your favorite instrument whether it’s online with platforms like Flowkey or through a Zoom call with a professional. Now is perfect to dedicate some time to practicing.
  4. Make your own clothes then donate them to charity. If you follow the CAS Stages, this could count as service too!
  5. Start a blog to document your life during COVID. Many people are feeling down right now and you could use this blog to reach out to them and tell them they aren’t alone. Share a little bit of positivity. 


  1. Start a running club with friends that live close to you. Depending where you live, you probably can’t meet up with your friends inside, but you can always exercise together! Starting a running club is a great way to be social and active during lockdown.
  2. Don’t feel like going out? Get active online using a gaming console. Games like Just Dance are a great way to get yourself moving and have a fun time!
  3. Use platforms like YouTube to learn a new sport. You could then create a virtual sports day with your friends and family.
  4. Spend some time with your family and go on bike rides. Challenge yourself to go further and further each time.
  5. A great way to be active at home is to jump rope! Do the jump rope challenge everyday and try getting your friends involved too. 


  1. Get online and help tutor kids. There are so many great platforms to use. School On Wheels and Learning Ally are just a few of many virtual platforms. 
  2. Put your crafting skills to use with charities like TeddiesforTragedies or BinkyPatrol where you can help children in crisis.
  3. Follow the example of this shortlisted Changemakers Challenge Project in Panama, and  organize a nature cleanup with your friends. Whether it’s a park nearby, a beach you enjoy going to, or even just the city you live in, you can help by keeping our lovely Earth clean. Plus, you’ll get some fresh air!
  4. Build a website to help mental wellbeing in your local community or school. The Speak Your Silence project – another shortlisted entry from our Changemakers Challenge competition – provides some wonderful inspiration on how to bring a project like this to life.  

Feel like discussing current events? Join one of our Virtual CAS Conferences to fight for gender, race and social equality with your classmates and friends. This online conference will challenge you to work together with students from across the globe, and develop a long term solution-focused Service project in response to a charity’s authentic need.