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The pandemic has had many implications for students, teachers, and the educational system as a whole—the loss of many school trips among them. Now is the moment to make up for lost time! Although some may consider school trips as more of a bonus element than an essential part of the school experience, we know just how valuable school trips are for students from first-hand experience.

From the notable academic benefits to the advantages for personal development, we believe passionately that school trips are a vital part of what makes CAS and IB experience so unique. Educational trips allow students to mobilize their learnings while socializing with peers and strangers in a completely different way than many of them have before. It is these experiences that many students remember most from their time at school. 

So, if you are looking for inspiration for the 2022/2023 academic year, here are just a few ways school trips can benefit students.

School trips bring subjects to life

Each young person learns a bit differently and ensuring that students receive a wide variety of learning experiences ensures that no one is left behind. Kinaesthetic learners, in particular, benefit immensely from the chance to take a hands-on approach to a topic. For example, a study of 10th-grade students from 2019 evaluated the attitude of students who had experienced learning outside of the classroom with those who had not. The findings showed that the experimental group had a more positive attitude towards science than their peers. It was also found that field trips promote a more vital interest in science. 

So, whether studying marine biodiversity in person or learning about different approaches to sustainability by seeing them implemented in a city, the quality of knowledge in virtually all subjects is enhanced when real-life experience is part of the program.

School Trips with CAS Trips

School trips allow for the discovery of new interests

Exposure to new situations, topics, and teaching methods automatically stimulates interest and excites the brain. As such, school trips are a potent tool to cultivate new interests and boost motivation to continue exploring existing ones. School trips abroad and even shorter outings closer to home can provide invaluable inspiration for students. Many Service Learning experiences that students have while traveling, for example, prompt them to implement their own ideas once they have returned home. 

School trips benefit the classroom environment

In addition to how a school trip directly impacts a student’s academic education, such as strengthening their understanding of a subject or offering practical memories to be utlized in the exam hall, it will also improve the classroom environment once everyone has returned home. Carving out a block of time to share unique and exciting experiences necessarily improves relationships between students and between students and teachers. This generally translates to improved behavior and engagement at school. 

School trips instill confidence and independence

Another hugely important benefit of school trips is gaining the confidence to try new things. An essential step in broadening their horizons, a young person who feels empowered to do things and go places on their own will automatically open up many new and beneficial opportunities. For many students, a school trip might be their first time traveling without their families. This gives students a new level of responsibility for themselves and their belongings. 

In addition, travel also taps into the skills needed for public speaking, professional communication, and presentations—all things many students struggle with. Educational trips challenge students who may be timid or tend to avoid engaging with unfamiliar people. By stepping outside of their comfort zone when asking for directions, posing questions to the staff at visits, or even ordering food while traveling—these students’ confidence will enjoy a notable boost. 

School trips promote deeper cultural understanding

Trips abroad and even travel within their home country can help students appreciate the wonderful mixture of cultures, cuisines, and traditions that constitute the world around them. Travel is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience cultures outside their own and appreciate the shared characteristics that unite us. Students will also be gifted with first-hand knowledge of how their culture is informed by others and vice versa, leading to deeping understanding, empathy, and international mindedness.

At CAS Trips, we firmly believe that school trips help students gain real-world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. These enriching and memorable journeys open their minds to different cultures and strengthen their knowledge of the world around them. 

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