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We at CAS Trips have done extra research to find out when the best time is to travel within Europe. Highlighting some of the coolest events in the various European destinations, you can now consider whether you want to see cherry blossoms in Amsterdam or visit the biggest ice-cream festival in Prague. Take a deep dive into our European destinations…


Visit Amsterdam when they celebrate their yearly Tulip Day. Every year, on the third Saturday of January, Dutch tulip growers build a garden of tulips on Dam Square with approximately 200,000 tulips. People from all over the country come to visit this spectacular scene. As a bonus, you can pick a free bouquet of tulips.

Not into flowers? Do not worry! During the same time, Amsterdam celebrates the Light Festival. Between early December and late January, international artists, architects, and designers bring their light-inspired artwork and installations across town. You can walk through the installations during the evening or hop on a boat that features a guided tour through the lovely outdoor exhibition. 


Are you traveling to Berlin this month? During February 20th and March 1st, Berlin is hosting the 70th Anniversary of the International Short Film Festival. This yearly event was created in 1951 as a ‘showcase of the free world’.

It is hard to say when exactly this event takes place because of the beauty of mother nature, but the Cherry Blossom Festival taking place sometime in April is definitely worth seeing. We often admire the cherry trees in Japan, but Berlin’s cherry trees have an amazing cultural appeal. 

These beautiful shades of pink are blooming along the “Maurer Weg” (translated: Wall Path), which represented the divide between West and East Germany back in the day. But why cherry blossoms? When the wall fell, a Japanese TV show raised money to plant cherry trees where the wall once was, to represent the celebration of Germany’s reunification. 


In 2020, the Royal Highland Show will take place between June 18th 2020 to June 21st 2020. It will showcase Scottish farming, food, and agricultural life and host over 900 competitions. A range of displays and exhibitions: equine displays, countryside pursuits, educational workshops, musical entertainment, culinary delights will be part of the package. 

Every October, you will find the largest storytelling event in the world in the heart of Edinburgh. Encompassing many cultures, traditions and storytelling styles, you will have a chance to experience the world through the art of storytelling in various shapes and forms, including music and dance. 


In 2020, Geneva will host the largest global annual festival of inventions. The Exhibition of Inventions will take place between March 25th and 29th, showcasing 100 new products that will be on display for the first time. Students will have a chance to discover the inventions that will shape the world of tomorrow.

And as a bonus, if you and your students are looking for something to laugh about, you can book a show at the Comedy Festival at the end of April 2020. 


On June 20th, Krakow will host Wianki, a traditional Slavic celebration with pagan rituals altered to fit christianity. Across the city you will find free outdoor concerts, amazing flower decorations and as a bonus fireworks over the old town. 

If you are traveling to Krakow during the colder months (November – March), you can enjoy the Fairy Barbican, an event whereby the city center’s medieval defenses are turned into an after-dark attraction full of “large illuminated figures, magic mirrors and colorful projections.”


Do you like ice cream? In that case you should definitely visit Prague in June and experience the Ice Cream Festival. Taste a variety of ice cream flavors and witness fun competitions.

And after all that ice cream, you can participate in the Paddle Fest. As part of the European Tour, you can paddle-board around the unique setting of Strecky Island, as well as the center of Prague, including Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

Have we given you some inspiration on where to travel to next and when? Contact us and book your destination in combination with some of the coolest events happening in Europe!