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This is my first experience of CAS trips and I am still amazed and astonished by this trip in a good way.I couldn’t even imagine that this experience will be so useful and fabulous for me. I still conjure up memories from the trip because the activities we did in Prague and people I met there make smile appear on my face.

In my pre-trip reflection I wrote that the trip would include many group works and collaboration activities .And actually, what I expected happened in real life. I also speculated that it would be somehow challenging for me to communicate with other students because of language barrier and shyness.However,I improved my English skills while being on the trip and after some time it wasn’t that hard for me to come up with new acquaintances. Basically, I faced some challenges, but I could manage to go through it.

The CAS trip gave me an opportunity to get to know to students from other countries. I can even say that I learnt something new from them because sometimes while sitting in the lobby they would tell me interesting things about their cultures and countries. There are many significant moments I have experienced while being in Prague.

For instance, homeless cooking and homeless tour guide activities were an impulse for me to think about a well-known problem nowadays which is poverty.While homeless guide gave us tour over the city, I understood many things which I hadn’t thought about before. Also, gardening was the service action where we were working in groups. This activity was both useful, helpful and sort of fun. I can assert that it was quite gruelling and tough to do gardening, but I cannot deny the fact that this activity gained my experience.

I would like to answer question 5, which is related to working collaboratively. Even if sometimes I refused to work with someone who is not from my school, now I regret about it. I can say that working in groups is very beneficial.It significantly affected my perspectives and I became more confident while working with others after the Prague trip.

As I said in my pre-trip reflection ,I was sure about the fact I would face some difficulties with communicating, and I actually did.But after the trip I gained a lot of experience, got along with hew people and did many service as action activities for our community and environment.