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The Virtual CAS Conference

Born out of necessity during the first lockdowns of the pandemic, the Virtual CAS Conference series became a global success.

Tackling the major themes of COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, Equality and Mental Health, over 1000 students collaborated to connect, discuss and act.

If your school is interested in creating a private  Virtual CAS Conference for your students, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What are the Student Benefits of a Virtual CAS Conference?

Authentic Service

Develop solutions for a charity’s urgent need


Collaborate with students from all over the world

Global Organizations

Engage with major international agencies

7 Learning Outcomes

Learn how you will engage in each of them here

Global Issues

Tackle Equality on a global and local scale


Workshops, Discussions and Experiences facilitated by IB teachers

CAS Project

Come away with a CAS Project action plan

Read student reflections HERE and HERE or WATCH teacher testimonials.

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