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The importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) within the educational sector continues to grow. More and more schools are incorporating the concept of the UN SDGs into their curriculum, from history class to science – students around the world are learning about the importance of keeping our planet a safe, fair and clean place.

CAS Trips has compiled a list of valuable teaching resources relating to the UN SDGs. We hope these ready-to-use tools will help you integrate some of the 17 UN SDGs into your curriculum.

Read the Report

This is the best place to start! The detailed UNESCO report focuses on the Learning Objectives for each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and includes individual explanations for each.


Take the Course

Teaching Sustainable Development Goals is a free online Microsoft EDU course designed to teach educators about the SDGs in a way that helps them create and share their own learning resources (such as Global Goals Bingo) as a result. Keep an eye out for the next enrollment date.

Download the App

The SDGs in Action app features news on your favorite goals, provides information on how to achieve them, lets you create your own events, and invite others to join you in sustainable actions.


Join the World’s Largest Lesson

World’s Largest Lesson is a campaign and platform that introduces the UN SDGs to teachers and students around the world, uniting them in action. Discover interactive activities, inspiring videos (with Serena Williams and co.!), and more helpful tools.  

Get More Resources

Looking for further knowledge and inspiration? Find a wide selection of extra resources here, including a teacher network, lesson plans and much more.  


Implement the UN SDGs

Turn words into action. Pick a destination and take your students on a sustainable travel experience that implements and engages with an average of 8 UN SDGs throughout any itinerary. Simply click on the icon or reply to this email to find out more.

Also, check out our brand new CAS Trips Changemaker Goals, which we launched this month to align our business operations with the UN SDGs.

Questions? Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with some further information!