From a teacher’s perspective, the safety factor and the well-designed program made us feel 100% at ease in Medellin. Knowing that the kids were having the time of their lives also helped. We truly enjoyed this trip, growing professionally along with the students.

Meredith BradyPacific Ridge School

Our CAS Trip to Medellin was meticulous and extremely well-planned. Outstanding job coordinating every last detail. Our students absolutely loved it. CAS Trips is a top-rate travel partner. Thank you for everything!

Chris BurmanPacific Ridge School

Sustainable themes are woven into every activity in the most beautiful and brilliant manner, originating meaningful discussions and reflections. Excellent organization, outstanding service, and an exceptional itinerary... I would most definitely recommend this trip.

Sofía Elizalde DuránIB Arts and Dance Teacher in Chile

A tremendous week… A massive thank you to our amazing guide for his professionalism, hard work, knowledge and persona. The students and staff have really enjoyed his wisdom.

Adam SeymourIB Teacher at La Cote International School in Switzerland

International cuisine, a service project and creative experiences rounded up the trip, making it a real CAS trip. The flexibility of CAS Trips makes individual, customized trips possible and the different destinations always offer unique experiences.

Veronika BrecklerCAS Coordinator at International School Mainfranken in Germany

I am very happy with the CAS Global Student Exchange program and I have 17 students travelling next April. I went this year with the students and loved it. The organisation is very professionally run and my students still keep up with the contacts they made.

Christine WardIB Coordinator at Narrabundah High School in Australia

CAS Trips provided our students with a valuable perspective on their destination, one that could not have been had simply as tourists. Each of the tours and activities brought us closer to the heartbeat of the city.

John TaylorIB English Teacher at Metropolitan School of Frankfurt in Germany

The CAS trip really helped me make connections across everything I had been learning in IB and real life. We were highly stimulated and encouraged to work collaboratively, which really helped with the bonding of the class. It felt more like a complete vacation than like a class trip.

Ines OortIB Student in Germany

The activities were really fun and I learnt a lot about a whole range of things. Also, it is great to feel like you might be helping someone and doing some good while you are enjoying yourself.

IB Student in Switzerland

I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm the CAS Trips staff have for what they do. The whole team have ensured the group is safe, engaged and entertained from dawn to dusk. I highly recommend CAS Trips for IB Diploma level experiential learning experiences and a wonderful week in breath taking Prague.

Richard Dixon-ClarkeGeography Teacher & CAS Coordinator at ICS Inter-Community School Zurich

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