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Following 10 Tips for Wellness during Social Distancing and 15 CAS Activities for Students at Home, we are providing you with more resources for engaging quarantine projects.

This time around, we wanted to offer teachers and students ideas on how to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) from home. 

1. No Poverty

Run a social media fundraising campaign to raise money that helps people in India’s slums or South Africa’s townships access soap, masks and other crucial products needed at this time. GoFundMe has created six simple steps to help you start your next online fundraising campaign.  

2. Zero Hunger

Practice your cooking skills and donate your tasty creations to food shelters in need, so that no one has to be hungry during this pandemic. In the US, the Salvation Army is looking for non-perishable donations and if you are in the UK, you can check out the list of charities here that are in need of help.

3. Good Health and Well-being

Create an exercise and meal plan to stay in good health, and share it with your family and friends. Maybe even ask your P.E. teacher to host a virtual class. Seeing your P.E. class all do jumping jacks in their bedrooms, living rooms or outside spaces might be a welcome change from watching others move on TikTok. 

4. Quality Education

Not everyone is fortunate enough to attend international school. Many public schools lack funding and students often suffer due to limited learning resources. Connect with schools in less-fortunate situations than yours, and schedule a call to help kids there with their workload. 

5. Gender Equality

Read, watch, listen and share women’s stories. You can read a feminist book that reflects how diverse women’s experiences around the world truly are, some amazing books are listed here. “Because She Watched”, a new Netflix collection, lets us in on the lives of some of the most inspirational women out there. 

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Never has clean water and sanitation been more important than during this pandemic. Billions of people across the globe all need the same thing: water and soap. If you live close to a community that has limited access to goods, buy extra bottles of water and soap to donate. You can also donate directly to Soap Aid, who will ensure the soap gets to where it is needed most. 

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Ask your parents whether your household is paying for renewable energy. If not, it’s time to make a change. It may cost a bit more at first, but you’ll be subsidizing your country running on cleaner power, and helping make clean energy more affordable for other countries in the long run. Also, try this crossword puzzle about clean energy – see if you know all the answers!

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

COVID-19 is having an economic impact that is hard to comprehend. Many people have lost their jobs and have had to shut their businesses. Take this time to see how you can help your economy grow in tough times. Identify local businesses using Google Maps, and assist them with awareness and crowdfunding campaigns! 

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Check out the UN SDGs infographic on Goal 9, and start a hackathon with your classmates on how to address some of these issues. Think about how industries impact your life and well-being. Use social media to push for policymakers to prioritize the UN SDGs – they might not be sitting in the European Parliament but they are still working!

10. Reducing Inequality

This SDG entails facilitating responsible migration and mobility of people. Migrants across the globe are unable to properly quarantine given their circumstances. There are many agencies helping them in this time of crisis, yet they also very much depend on volunteers. Why not inquire with Amnesty International to see how you can get involved with administrative and research work with your laptop from home? 

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

If you have a small garden in your backyard, you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. Or you can start working on your recycling process with your family. Check out the Eco Warrior Princess’ list of herbs that anyone can plant – even those who do not have a green thumb.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Make sure you and your family reduce your plastic consumption during this time of quarantine. Check out the Eye On Plastic project by Plastic Free Campus to find out exactly how this can be done through a fun, eye-opening project. 

13. Climate Action

Research issues around climate change using these super cool resources by NASA, for example. Then, use these resources to create an awareness campaign within your local community, school, government or even on an EU level. 

14. Life Below Water

Even if we live close to the water, a lot of us are not allowed to leave the house. But what you can do is adopt a coral! Coral Gardeners, provides you with an official coral adoption certificate, and you can even name your coral – we are thinking ‘Dori’! 

15. Life On Land

The UN SDG Academy has a free online course called From the Ground Up: Managing our Terrestrial Ecosystems. Examine the complex relationship between humans and their environment, and the effects that relationship has on critical ecosystem services. Compile your learnings, and share it during your online school assembly. 

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Use your voice on social media, and spread positive messages rather than panic about the current coronavirus situation. Using Pixpa, you can even share some of the art you’ve been creating during school time, and add inspirational quotes.

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Get your family and friends to work on these projects with you – this way you are spreading awareness, as well as spending quality time together. 

We hope some of these ideas inspire you to get active, and contribute to the outcome of the UN SDGs. If you need any more ideas or resources, please feel free to contact us