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The global pandemic has caused us to re-think many aspects of our lives and societies. For international school educators and students alike, the way in which we engage with Service learning must change this year – so we are introducing our newest finds in online service opportunities for students.

Many traditional Service projects in schools’ local communities, especially those dealing with the elderly and vulnerable, are off-limits for now. As with many experiences and events in 2020/21, we must look to the digital space and make innovative strides to ensure we can volunteer and serve virtually, rather than face-to-face.

As part of our ongoing efforts to support students and teachers in these challenging circumstances, we are kick-starting a monthly series, providing you with some fantastic online opportunities to engage in meaningful Service. 

Here are a selection of organizations seeking online help this month: 

1. Expose Human Rights Violations With Amnesty Decoders 

Register here to join a group of international volunteers in decoding photos, documents and other information to expose human rights violations. 

2. Connect with the Elderly via The Silver Line 

Whilst we have to refrain from visiting the elderly in their homes, we are still able to connect with them virtually. This organization in the UK is pioneering and you can be a part of it. 

3. Become a Virtual Tutor With Teens Give 

Students can use this platform to register their interest in becoming a virtual assistant for students across the United States of America. The pandemic has left many less fortunate students struggling with learning and access to education. 

4. Learn How to Take Concrete Actions During the Pandemic With Makesense 

This NGO is active in Mexico, France, Belgium, the UK, USA, Germany and the Netherlands. The re-action program by Makesense provides content and challenges to inspire students across the globe in taking concrete actions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. 

5. Help Plan Risk Reduction and Save Lives With Missing Maps 

Missing Maps requires students to trace satellite imagery into OpenStreetMap. This collaborative project allows for humanitarian organizations and first responders, missing crucial information in the case of an emergency, to make valuable decisions and save the lives of communities in vulnerable situations. 

6. Search for More Opportunities Using The United Nations Online Volunteering Service

Looking for more? This platform lets you discover worldwide projects related to the UN SDGs, seeking all sorts of skill sets. The application process is super quick, and once students are selected, they can confirm their availability and start right away! 

Students: CAS Trips are also connected with smaller charities, NGOs and projects, in the primary stages of establishing their organization, which are very open to taking student volunteers on board. Just drop us an email to find out more. 

Teachers: is there any aspect of this school year which you could use our assistance and resources with? Feel free to reach out regarding further teacher resources as well.