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The graffiti workshop was a lot more fun than expected. Apart from making the art on the Berlin wall (which was a very fun detail), it was also great to be able to laugh with friends and go a bit crazy with spray cans. Show commitment and perseverance in CAS experience I am not a very artistic person at all, so I had quite a lot of trouble coming up with a fun idea for my graffiti. I was also apprehensive about the workshop to start with since I know about myself that I tend to have trouble coming up with creative ideas. I tend to want to come up with something perfect, so I kept changing my mind over what I wanted to do.

Eventually, I managed to stop taking the workshop as seriously and instead just doodled something to get myself started. Once I started with the actual spray cans it was a lot easier to keep going since I could come up with more ideas by looking at what I’d already made. This showed me that worrying less and just starting tends to lead to an overall good experience, so there’s no need for me to worry about what I’m doing. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions Before I started I had no idea what colours I wanted to use. I ended up picking my first colour just by looking at the spray cans and choosing something that matched the painted background well. From there I tried to choose colours that worked well together.

At a certain point I decided I wanted to add white colouring in the gaps between letters since I thought it would look good. Instead, it looked quite messy since I didn’t have the skill to make the edges between different colours defined. In terms of technique, I should have spray-painted the white colouring before I started with my letters so that it would have actually been in the background.

I wasn’t completely happy with my end result because of this, and it’s a good example of how sometimes when I’ve finished something I will try to keep improving it to make it look better even though it’s already fine. Even though I’ve never done graffiti before and only ever worked with spray cans for larger surfaces with less precision, I am happy that I still tried to challenge myself by writing words and going with what I felt would look good, even if I wasn’t the best judge of how things might end up. I am hopeful that I will be able to have another experience like this one in the future as the workshop let me think creatively and take myself less seriously than I’d otherwise do.