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In my pre-reflection worksheet, I decided to choose the surfing activity since it was the activity that got me more excited than the others. The surf experience involved « activity » because surf is considered as a sport all around the world and we didn’t do it as a service or a creativity activity. In my pre-reflection, I said that my goal by the end of the activity was to stand on the board and perhaps ride a wave.

It was not the first time that I was surfing so they gave me another board. I found it really difficult to stand on the board that they gave me and perhaps ride a wave. After couple of minutes, I decided to switch my board to a more thicker and taller board with a student that stopped surfing on the beach. With this new board, I immediately felt that it was way more easier to ride a wave with it. I kept trying, persevere and as a result, I drove more than 5 waves.

What was also difficult is that carrying the board in the strong waves was very tiring. Many students stopped because they were exhausted. I decided to stay until the end since I don’t surf ever my week end. After the activity, I developed the skill of having a nice balance compared to the other students. I showed commitment to and perseverance in this activity.

I also worked collaboratively with the surf teachers since they helped my riding a wave by pushing by board into the wave. To conclude, this experience has learned me that you have to never give up when you want to achieve a goal. Finding new ways to achieve the goal (make it easier) is also a smart way to achieve the goal.