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Hello, I’m Tekla. This spring I participated in a CAS trip that provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn more about CAS in order to do it the following year. Our CAS trip contained a variety of activities and incredibly fascinating and generous individuals, including people from other schools, professors, mentors, and guides.The Goal of CAS Project is to integrate creativity, action, and service into a single endeavor. During this project, I had the incredible opportunity to take part in a variety of activities that inherently combined all three elements.

The events/activities included going on a treasure hunt, yoga , participating in a CAS project challenge, visiting Kutna Khora, cooking for the homeless and donating food to them, urban farming, participating in a sustainable design challenge, seeing a classical music concert, selling magazines and more. Even though we had two activities each day, we also had some free time when we discovered Prague on our own, and got to know our groupmates better.

All of these activities were important because they enabled people to broaden and refine their perspectives on the world while also developing a wide range of skills. It also aided in communication because we had to talk to homeless people, got to know one of them, and listened to her rough life stories. Additionally, while selling magazines, we had to talk to tourists and locals to convince them to buy magazines. This practice was crucial because it taught us how difficult it is for other people to get money and gave us some marketing skills. (All of these activities were communication-heavy, yet not only strangers but with our groupmates too).

Through them, we met students from various schools and nations who we later grew to like and share our experiences with. We also met mentors and guides who were genuinely pleasant, which made our vacation much more pleasurable and enjoyable than we could have expected.We learned various things from them, the least of which was the history of Prague.

I can conclude by saying that our trip not only benefited us and altered our perspectives, but also the lives of those we assisted, and we are now able to encourage others to do the same.