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Thinking about your next student trip? Ever considered South America, or to be precise – Peru? From exploring the ancient land of the Incas to sailing down the majestic Amazon River, we’re hoping this blogpost inspires your school to visit Peru!  

The Importance of Educational Travel

First of all, why a school trip? According to a recent study that was presented by EducationNext, students who attend school trips show stronger critical thinking skills, display higher levels of tolerance, have more historical empathy and develop a taste for being a cultural consumer in the future. Yes, the logistics of organizing a trip may be daunting for faculty members but that is why CAS Trips provides services whereby all logistics from accommodation, local transport and activities are taken care of.

Now to answer the key question – why Peru?

Peru is a country of contrasts and colorful backdrops and offers a learning experience that you and your students will not forget. There is little that is more beautiful than seeing your students in awe at the Machu Picchu, bonding with local schools, rowing down the Amazon river, learning about the conservation of our planet through ethical tourism, how to become a Changemaker and much more.

Tackling the UN SDGs in Peru

As part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, CAS Trips has taken on the initiative to cover some of these goals during each student trips. During the trip to Peru, students will be working towards No Poverty (1), Good Health and Wellbeing (3), Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13) and Partnerships for Goals (17). So, what does that mean in day-to-day activities? All C-A-S activities will not only be geared towards creativity, activity and service but also incorporate one or more of the SDGs – with both local and global contexts of the issue as well as tangible ways that students can Think Global, Act Local to achieve the goals’ targets.

Exploring Peru

The number one attraction is Machu Picchu, the old Inca city is in the middle of the jungle and experiencing it is worth the trip already. Due to the increase of tourists, Peru has limited tourists to 2,500 a day and only 500 permits are granted for the Inca Trail each day. Your trip will start with a train ride from Cusco, so make sure to grab a window seat – the flora and fauna you will see are breathtaking, from orchids, lianas and beautiful flowering trees everywhere, there is a lot to learn. Ask your students to grab a sketchbook and draw their favorite flower or host a photo competition during your trip. There are a thousand and one ways to engage your students throughout the Peru trip.

Our trained local staff will guide you and your students through Peru, facilitate thoughtful reflection sessions about the history and current affairs and lead your students on, what will be, an unforgettable student experience.

When to Go

The best time to travel Peru is during the dry season that runs from May to September. Every year the Inca Trail is closed during the month of February for cleaning and maintenance so make sure to keep that in mind when booking your Peru trip with CAS Trips.