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After our school showed us the New York Global Student Exchange CAS experience, I knew it was something I wanted to do, so I began planning how I could get there. While on the trip everyone in the group was given a chance to use their own skills (example: art skills to make diversity posters) as well as developing new skills (such as: dancing in the hiphop workshop) and identifying areas we could improve in (for instance: navigating on the race around New York). Through experiences like Design the Future at the New York City Museum we learnt about global crisis such as over population and pollution and worked on developing solutions. Throughout the program, I worked with people from Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa and Germany which allowed me to view many different life experiences and opinions and expanding my own global education.

The prospect of a week in New York alone was daunting and the week itself was challenging, however after committing to the trip I persevered through and I believe I’ve really benefited from the experience.