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With the pandemic still impacting many families around the world, Service learning has never been more vital. There are many ways that students can still get involved and help others through the rough months ahead by going online. We complied six more online service opportunities for students in this blog post.

Although in-person contact is restricted, there are still many ways to virtually volunteer and get involved. Whether virtually interacting with people or doing research for an organization, every little bit counts in these challenging times.

Take the time to engage with people, and dedicate your energy to spreading joy or creating meaningful experiences through one of these online Service opportunities. 

Here are this month’s selection of organizations who need your help:

1. Become a Translator with Translators Without Borders

Speak more than one language? Volunteer your linguistic skills with Translators Without Borders, who aim to provide translation and interpretation in different crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can also volunteer your time to translate different reports for UN organizations such as UN Habitat and UNICEF.

2. Connect with Those Impacted Most By the Pandemic 

Points of Light allows you to volunteer for different pandemic-focused causes. Whether you spread awareness for Covid charities, or write thank you letters to healthcare workers, this is a great way to get involved with an urgent crisis. 

3. Knit Teddies for Underprivileged Children

Feel like getting creative? Get your creative juices flowing by knitting blankets, children’s clothes, or stuffed animals to give to children in refugee camps, orphanages, or hospitals. Give a little joy to children through Teddies 4 Tragedies.

4. Keep People Entertained by Reading Books Out Loud

Give the gift of a good book, and volunteer your voice to Librivox where you can record audiobooks for those who prefer listening to stories rather than reading them.

5. Make a Best Buddy

Make a friend for life with Best Buddies, where you can develop a relationship with a person who has intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Keep someone company and spread joy through friendship.

6. Help Blind or Low-Vision People Lead More Independent Lives

Through Be My Eyes you can assist the blind with everyday activities and help solve different tasks.

Students, CAS Trips are also connected with smaller organizations and projects, in the primary stages of establishing their organization, which are very open to taking student volunteers on board. Just drop us an email to find out more. 

Teachers, is there any aspect of this school year which you could use our assistance and resources with? Feel free to reach out regarding further teacher resources as well.