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COVID-19 is still making it difficult for students around the world to engage in meaningful Service Learning. However, impactful Service is nevertheless possible through the growing number of virtual platforms created by organizations that need volunteers. 

So no matter how long the pandemic lasts, finding relevant Service projects can be done! Dedicate yourself to helping those in need and spread unity in a time where supporting each other in the global community has never been more important.

Alongside this month’s selection of organizations where student’s help is needed, we are also offering students in North and South America as well as Asia, the opportunity to join our Virtual CAS Conferences on the 14th – 15th of November 2020, and 5th – 6th of December 2020 respectively. 

Register here to help fight COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis via a hackathon with international students from all over the world. 

1. Use the Internet to Combat Poverty and Climate Change 

How many tabs do you open in a year? Now imagine if you could direct that effort towards a good cause. Every tab you open goes towards the fight against climate change and poverty with OpenTabs

Participate in their programs, like the Impact Multiplier Program or the Master Tabber Program, by downloading their web browser extension. Make a difference with every tab you open!

2. Find a Friend Within the Senior Citizen Community

Quarantine can be extremely isolating and lonely for so many people. Use your time to get creative and spread joy to senior citizens going through the pandemic alone. 

Letters Against Isolation allows you to interact with, and brighten the day of, senior citizens globally!

3. Help Those With Reading Disability Through BookShare

Using BookShare, volunteers can scan and edit books to make reading easier for those with reading disabilities. Share the love of reading to those who have difficulty doing so on a virtual platform!

4. Translate Things for Refugees Using Tarjimly

Know more than one language? Extend a helping hand to the refugees in your community by using Tarjimly. 

Tarjimly allows volunteers to connect with refugees through live chat to help translate language in day to day life by exchanging texts, voice messages, documents, or even by starting a live phone call.

5. Become a Digital Advocate for the Red Cross

Have an active social media presence? Spread awareness on virtual platforms by becoming a digital advocate for the Red Cross. 

Help generate donations, share important updates, and find other urgently needed volunteer opportunities by posting and sharing Red Cross information online.

6. Support Others Through the Crisis Text Line

Provide emotional support for people struggling with things like bullying or self harm. Becoming a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line means dedicating your time to helping people in your community overcome difficult points in their lives. 

Receive the mandatory 30 hours of training to become a counselor, then dedicate four hours of your time a week to making others feel safe and secure. 

Students, CAS Trips are also connected with smaller organizations and projects, in the primary stages of establishing their organization, which are very open to taking student volunteers on board. Just drop us an email to find out more. 

Teachers, is there any aspect of this school year which you could use our assistance and resources with? Feel free to reach out regarding further teacher resources as well.