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This trip was such an unforgettable one. I had always dreamed to go to Prague, see the city and learn about the culture. Walking in Paris Street the first day was amazing, but the food that we ate was even better – here is my reflection!

Leaving the castle was harder than I expected and we ended up getting a little lost. I really had to trust my instincts, and we were actually the first to arrive at the meeting spot. This and many other experiences taught me that panicking in a stressful situation doesn’t help in any way. Asking for help, trusting your instincts and being prepared for anything in the first place is very important, no matter where you go.

To do something that you know you are not good at like drawing isn’t very fun for a perfectionist like me and is very stressful. However, I realized sometimes letting go is very helpful but I wouldn’t really draw in my free time. I really like venturing out of my comfort zone and do enjoy getting lost and wandering around, trying new foods and living new experiences.

Reflection by Nada