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Prague SpringReflection Centre

My Cas Reflection – PS 2023

By April 5, 2023No Comments

Spray Painting – today I had the opportunity to take part in the spray painting day. I was feeling a bit apprehensive at first, because I had never done this before but was so excited because I wanted to try spray painting for some time .I got the hang of it after asking the teacher who showed us how to do it for help, I found it to be a really enjoyable experience. I loved the feeling of accomplishment that I got from creating something I liked . I also felt that it was great to work together with other people and collaborate on a project. It was great to see how everyone had different ideas and approaches to the project and it was really interesting to see what the final product looked like. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad that I got to take part in it.

Cooking for Ukrainian refugees – Today i participated with my classmates and other school students to cook for Ukrainian refugees. I was super nervous like some other students since we didn’t really know how to cook well but we worked together and got the hang of it soon. This activity was a Service Project through which I was able to contribute to the wellbeing of others. It was a meaningful activity as it allowed me to use my skills to help those in need. Through this activity, I was able to develop my Creativity by coming up with creative recipes that the refugees could enjoy. I also developed my Activity by working with my classmates to cook and prepare the food. I worked with others to plan the activity and coordinate the resources needed for it. Finally, I developed my Social skills by working alongside other students i haven’t really met before and refugees to complete the task. Overall, this activity was a great example of CAS and allowed me to develop multiple skills. It was a great opportunity to help those in need and I felt good knowing that I was able to contribute to their wellbeing.

The homeless walking tour- The homeless walking tour in Prague was a great CAS activity that taught me many valuable skills. It allowed me to reflect on the current state of homelessness in the city, as well as the social and economic implications of the issue. By actively engaging in the tour, I was able to gain a better understanding of the issue and how I can help. I also developed my intercultural understanding by learning about the unique cultural perspectives that are found in Prague. Additionally, I was able to increase my empathy and communication skills by listening to the stories of the homeless people we encountered and interacting with them. All in all, the homeless walking tour in Prague was a great CAS activity that allowed me to develop many personal, social, and intercultural skills.

Raising money for the homeless-This experience of raising money for homeless people by selling magazines with my two other classmates was a valuable lesson in the power of teamwork. At first, it was a challenge to get started, but once we sold a few magazines, we formed a team with another group who had trouble selling and helped each other out. This collaboration enabled us to reach our goal and make a difference in the lives of those in need. It showed me that even small actions can have a big impact when done together.   This experience of selling magazines to strangers was an important lesson in overcoming my nerves. I had to approach these strangers and engage them in conversation, something that was difficult for me. However, with practice and perseverance I was able to become more comfortable and confident in my ability to communicate with strangers. It was a great reminder of the power of personal growth and my capacity to take on challenges.

CAS project-The CAS Project Challenge was an enlightening experience for me and the other students from schools around the world. We had the opportunity to work together to create a project that would benefit our communities. This challenge highlighted the common issues that many of us face in our respective countries. From lack of access to healthcare and education, to the effects of climate change, many of us have similar concerns. Despite our differences in language and culture, it was inspiring to see how our ideas and insights could be used to address these shared issues. This experience has shown me the importance of collaboration and how working together can make a difference.

Urban farming-   This urban farming project was an incredibly rewarding experience, as it allowed me to combine my knowledge and skills with those of my classmates and other students from other schools. Working together to create a dirt pile, help the plants grow and decorate the area with rocks around it was a fantastic team-building exercise. It was an eye-opening experience that highlighted the importance of collaboration and the power of collective problem-solving. It was also a reminder of the endless potential of sustainable urban farming, and how it can help us build healthier, more resilient communities.