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My name is Melanie and I was looking for an special and different opportunity to do my CAS Project, so I decided to have an incredible opportunity and experience in Prague with CAS Trips. The use of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) during all activities that I had done, which are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, helped me gain both of global and local perspective of the world.

The CAS Trip also provided me with the necessary tools to help me understand those goals and how they are being incorporated in the activities I’ve participated in. As the CAS Project’s aim, which is to involve and relate creativity, activity, and service in one project, I had the incredible opportunity to participate of in numerous activities that automatically involved all those three factors. I made new friends in the process, from countries like Kenya, Colombia, China, and Mexico!

For activity, we did yoga and a meditation course, we went to a classical music concert, we learned about the history of the street art and graffiti in Prague, and we even had the opportunity to draw our own graffiti! For creativity, we had an urban treasure hunt, which we had to answer some questions about 18 monuments or places, which represent a part of Prague’s history and culture. This was my favorite activity/creativity because we visited the most important touristic places from Prague in only 3 hours! It was incredible!

And finally, the last one but definitely not least, service! We cooked for homeless people, we had an organic farm challenge, which was super special for me because I made a small difference in the community’s life, who survive with only those vegetables, which are planted in this huge garden and we sold magazines. With the money we raised, more homeless people have the opportunity to start over again with their lives.

Honestly, I learned in this trip that we can make a huge difference in some people’s lives with simple actions, and with those simple actions, we all can influence others to do the same, creating a positive cycle in society. Check my Instagram account @casprague2019 for more insights into my CAS project.