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Even with vacation upon us, it is still important to keep Service up over the break. There are a ton of opportunities for you to try whether you are on vacation or staying at home. Keep volunteering and spend some of your time off helping others! 

Here are more organizations and Service projects that you can get involved with:

1. Get Technical with TechSoup

Hereโ€™s a Service opportunity for those of you who are tech savvy. At TechSoup, you can use your time to help charities and organizations with different technological issues that they may be having. As a volunteer, you can advise, share tips, research and answer tech related questions, or even write blog posts for their blog.

2. Campaign with Planet Rehab ย 

Have a passion for PR and the Planet? Planet Rehab has a ton of opportunities just like this! Sign up for their public relations internship and help save the planet. Or, if you are 18+, join the team as a campaign director to help protect the environment. There are a ton of projects with this environmental organization.

3. Help People Discover Their Ancestry

Help others discover their heritage by signing to Ancestry.comโ€™s volunteer program. The team at Ancestry will provide you with free software to access images and transcribe them into a public database. Follow the instructions on their sign up page and get started.

4. Write a Letter With Love for Sick Young Adults

Feel like putting pen to paper? Write a Letter With Love to young patients being treated for cancer. All you have to do is follow the instructions here to sign up and start writing your letters!

5. Put Together an MUN Club With Your Classmates

Creating a Model United Nations (MUN) club is a great way to stay on top of important global events and have some fun! Build your MUN skills (organization, public speaking, etc.) along with your friends and peers by hosting virtual conferences and debates!

6. Find Something to Do With

Not seeing anything on this list that matches something you had in mind for your Service project? Head to Do It, an online database full of different projects, both virtual and in person which need your help! Select the one that you find fits your requirements the best.