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Here at CAS Trips, we pride ourselves on being a community of experienced international school educators, developing pioneering transformative travel experiences to Educate, Challenge and Inspire students from all over the world. But over time, CAS Trips has become so much more than just an educational tour operator. School networks, teachers and students turn to us for learning resources, information on the IB and insights into CAS experiences. 

Until today, our most read CAS Trips blog post is The International Baccalaureate 7 Learning Outcomes, a simple guide to understanding the complex 7 Learning Outcomes set forth by the IB. 

Over the years, our team has been asked thousands of questions about CAS and the IB program. We noticed several key recurring areas of doubt for students and teachers alike. With many resources up our sleeve, we decided to create seven short videos explaining some of those most frequently asked questions. 

We uploaded them to a YouTube Playlist, so you can share the mini series with colleagues, students or parents within your school community. 

So let’s get to it:

What is CAS?

What is CAS and what is expected of the candidate? It’s really quite simple!

CAS Experiences

So many to choose from, but what really qualifies as a CAS experience? 

The 5 Stages of CAS

The IB created the acronym IPARD. What does it mean and how is it linked to CAS? 

Understanding Reflections

Reflections are an essential core aspect of IB pedagogy. How should students reflect?

Evidence and the 7 Learning Outcomes

The sacred 7 Learning Outcomes are often misunderstood. We try to decipher their true meaning.

The CAS Project

The month-long CAS Project is seen as daunting and complex. But it need not be! 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are a fantastic framework for CAS. Here’s how they can be used effectively. 

Please feel free to share your feedback on the videos, and let us know if there are any other specific resources we can provide you and your students with in the future. 

We hope these videos prove truly useful to you and your students, and go some way to explaining the great mysteries of CAS!