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Simon tells IdeaMensch, “Be open to change. People, places, trends, instincts, in short – life, can all open your mind to new worlds, which in turn allow you to realise different opportunities.”

Our CAS Trips founder and director, Simon Armstrong had the opportunity to interview with IdeaMensch, a platform dedicated to highlighting fascinating entrepreneurs, makers, and doers.

In his interview Simon talks about the creation of CAS Trips, what motivates him every day and what business challenges he has overcome.

Throughout the interview, Simon shares a couple of fun, personal insights. We find out that is most-loved software he uses for work is Trello, his best buy for 100 USD was a couple of nights on an Airbnb sailing boat, and his favorite book is 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Want to know what else goes on inside of the mind of this successful business owner? Read the full article here: