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Individual and Societies is one of the core subject groups in the IB curriculum, consisting of history, geography, global politics, and anthropology. These subjects are extremely important in creating the globally-minded students that the IB seeks, as well as shaping them to become Changemakers.

Stepping out of the classroom and immersing oneself in another culture will simplify the learning for your students – so let’s start now.

CAS Trips offers excellent opportunities for students to be exposed to a brand-new way of learning. A learning experience that takes students outside of the confines of a classroom and into the real world. CAS Trips lets students put their textbooks away and experience a world of history, geography, and politics in an animated world.

This learning is mirrored in CAS Trips’ tailored programs to Peru or Colombia, where the students get a taste of four different aspects of Individuals and Societies: history, global politics, geography, and anthropology.

Old Civilizations and Societies

When traveling to Peru, one of the highlights is a visit to the famous Machu Picchu. This exciting trip allows students to explore the history of a fascinating civilization. Furthermore, students can learn about the political systems, and cultural traditions that the Incas have left behind.

A cornerstone of CAS Trips’ Peru program is the investigation and preservation of cultural heritage.

Social and Cultural Experiences

Students of cultural anthropology will have a great time exploring the vastness of the culture that resides in South America. For example, when visiting Peru, students learn about ancient Peruvian traditions like experiencing a village Shaman, weaving with the women of Ccaccaccollo or preparing a traditional meal with homestay hosts in the Sacred Valley.

If you’re looking for a more upbeat experience, you and your students can enjoy the riveting sounds of traditional Colombian music and move your hips to a Salsa class.

CAS Trips also offers amazing social experiences where students can immerse in local life and interact with the local community while offering a meaningful service. This is a great opportunity for future politicians who would like to know how they can help their communities. In Peru, for example, you can help rebuild houses while getting to know the local community that surrounds the breathtaking location.

Geographical and Environmental Exploration

For our fellow geographers, there are excellent opportunities to get acquainted with their surroundings. By visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, students can increase their understanding of the impact of mass tourism and sustainable management.

While exploring the gorgeous Amazon River, students can explore and identify the geographical features of the biome. Moreover, a hike through the Amazon Rainforest is a great way to discover one of the most intricate flora and fauna of our time.

Students can also test their knowledge of geography during an exciting eco walk in Colombia. Additionally, they can help fight climate change by volunteering with our reforestation projects.

Finally, students can link their geography units, like food and health, to the organic farming experience in Peru or the sustainable cooking class in Colombia. And the best part? You can all bring home these experiences and share them with your local communities.

Stepping out of the classroom and immersing oneself in another culture can have lasting effects on students. It enables students to open their minds and broaden their worldview, providing both students and teachers an opportunity to expand upon classroom time.

Having the opportunity to travel in different landscapes, sample interesting local cuisine, step into another’s religion and traditions, breathes life into students and teaches them that education is an ongoing endeavor that will take them in and out of classroom situations.

Have we interested you in bringing your Individuals and Societies to life in South America? Contact us to find out more.