Europe’s Global Student Conference 2021

Global Climate Crisis: Innovation, Impact, Action

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Edinburgh, Scotland


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May 1, 2021

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Join the Global Student Conference

In this one-week Global Student Conference held at the prestigious Fettes College, we are inviting your school to meet, engage and collaborate with fellow international students from all over the world to tackle the central theme; Global Climate Crisis: Innovation, Impact, Action.

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The Theme

Whether you call it global warming or climate change, we all know that the crisis is real. The UN warns that the global climate crisis is the greatest ever threat to human rights. This Conference serves to inspire students to put words into action by discovering how technology and innovation can help us make a positive impact in regards to the global climate crisis.

Edinburgh, Scotland 

With outstanding architectural charm, modern day Edinburgh is the perfect setting to further explore our innovative CAS activities and inspiring keynote speakers. Edinburgh’s spectacular Gothic UNESCO-listed old town plays host to some of the most dynamic and varied art schools and community projects in the world.

Keynote Speakers

Mornings at the GSC are dedicated to plenary sessions. Students will hear informative and inspirational presentations from some of the most respected academics, organizations and student activists tackling the climate crisis.

Breakout Workshops

Lead by our team of qualified and experienced IB tutors, students will work collaboratively to analyze and discuss the themes of the keynote session. The ultimate aim of the breakout sessions is for students to organize and plan an impactful long-term collaborative Changemakers Challenge project back home

CAS Challenges

Afternoons and evenings at the GSC are all about cultural immersion and CAS Challenges. Students will engage in pulsating Creativity, Activity and Service Challenges in and around the host school – venturing into the nearest urban city center and exploring the surrounding local environment.

This CAS Trip integrates the following UN SDGs:

We at CAS Trips strive to develop conscientious young global citizens who experience new cultures and adventures whilst implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How CAS is incorporated into your trip to Edinburgh







Our Global Student Conference Itinerary

Morning: Airport Pick Up, Arrivals & Check In

Afternoon: Director’s Welcome & Local sports (rugby, cricket)

Students at sports activity

Morning: Keynote Speaker #1, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 1

Afternoon: Edinburgh City Walking Tour, Scottish Storytelling Workshop

Students working on project

Morning: Keynote Speaker #2, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 2

Afternoon: Traditional Highland Games

Evening: Movie Night

Students at event in Edinburgh

Morning: Keynote Speaker #3, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 3

Afternoon: Improv Acting Workshop, Scottish Dancing Workshop

Students at concert in Edinburgh

Morning: Keynote Speaker #4, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 4

Afternoon: Olympic Fencing Session, Volleyball

Evening: Traditional Scottish Ceilidh Party

Morning: Goodbyes, Check out & Airport Drop-off


The fantastic Fettes College will host CAS Trips’ inaugural Global Student Conference. Students and adult chaperones will be housed in the school’s world-class boarding house facilities, with students housed in 2-6 bed single-gender dorms, and adult chaperons in private, single ensuite rooms.

Visa information

The majority of the European countries, the United States of America and Canada do not require visas to enter Colombia. Please ensure that all students who require a visa have requested it before the departure. CAS Trips does not offer visa processing services. We do, however, provide official letters of invitation and accommodation confirmation letters for participants applying for a visa.

For teachers

We are actively seeking teachers to join our GSC staff in Boston, Edinburgh and Singapore! We have a limited amount of FREE spaces available for workshop leaders and activity chaperones. If this is of interest, please apply today!


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