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Global Student Conference 2024

Water – Creating a Ripple Effect

July 15-20 2024

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Edinburgh, Scotland


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May 1, 2024

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+ €20 carbon removal fee

Age Group
14-18 years

Environmental Protection

Engaging the Leaders of Our Future

Our Global Student Conference engages global student citizens in plenary sessions and workshops with leading academics to tackle one of the most pressing global issues of our time: Water – Creating a Ripple Effect.

The conference is closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Set in the stunning academic backdrop of the Fettes College campus, students are challenged on both an academic and interpersonal level to collaborate on an impactful long term CAS Project Challenge project back home.

Join us to create a more water-secure future, where our collective efforts can create ripples of change across the global waterscape.

Water – Creating a Ripple Effect

Water is a fundamental element and connects every aspect of our lives. However, this precious resource is under threat, and must be a focus of our global actions. The WHO reports that half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025. Water issues are already a crisis for billions of people’s health, and for the global climate.

Throughout the Global Student Conference, students will immerse themselves in the issues surrounding water, as they explore access to clean and safe drinking water, the implications of water scarcity, the devastating impact of pollution on aquatic ecosystems, and the multifaceted aspects of water governance and economics.

The experience of learning and discussing about climate change is an issue that holds such global significance, while creating friendships with people from around the world, is one I will never forget.

Madison MoultonStudent, Canada

Our Global Student Conference Itinerary

Morning: Airport Pick Up, Arrivals & Check In

Afternoon: Director’s Welcome & Local sports (rugby, cricket)

Students at sports activity

Morning: Keynote Speaker #1, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 1

Afternoon: Edinburgh City Walking Tour, Scottish Storytelling Workshop

Students working on project

Morning: Keynote Speaker #2, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 2

Afternoon: Traditional Highland Games

Evening: Movie Night

Students at event in Edinburgh

Morning: Keynote Speaker #3, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 3

Afternoon: Improv Acting Workshop, Scottish Dancing Workshop

Students at concert in Edinburgh

Morning: Keynote Speaker #4, Discussion & Breakout Workshop 4

Afternoon: Olympic Fencing Session, Volleyball

Evening: Traditional Scottish Ceilidh Party

Morning: Goodbyes, Check out & Airport Drop-off


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