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Our Global Student Exchanges 2024 have been unveiled! We are pleased to announce that CAS Trips is once again hosting our renowned Prague Spring program, and we are equally delighted to introduce two new and compelling Global Student Exchange opportunities – Peru Discovery and Lisbon Adventure

These exceptional programs focus on responsible travel and provide a platform for students from around the world to collaborate on CAS projects and activities, engaging with local communities and addressing global issues through challenging volunteer initiatives. In this article, we will delve into the distinct characteristics of each destination and examine the substantial benefits that participation in a Global Student Exchange offers students.

Prague Spring: The chance to make a difference in the Golden City 

Prague, often referred to as the “Golden City,” stands as a timeless testament to the grandeur of Central Europe. Nestled along the majestic River Vltava, Prague is renowned for its breathtaking architecture, which includes the iconic Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the Astronomical Clock. But there’s much more to discover in this historic city.

Prague offers an incredible backdrop for educational travel, providing students with the opportunity to learn about significant historical events, including World War I, World War II, Nazism, and Communism. Students can also engage with vital social issues and explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The list of activities at Prague Spring is as diverse as the city itself. Students can take part in a homeless walking tour to understand the challenges faced by the city’s less fortunate, followed by a homeless cooking challenge — where teamwork has never tasted so good. A reflection workshop encourages students to fully process their experiences, while a street dance workshop and yoga sessions provide a healthy dose of physical activity and mindfulness.

The sustainable design challenge allows students to explore eco-friendly solutions in urban environments, and organic urban farming teaches the importance of sustainable agriculture. Culinary enthusiasts can savor European and Middle Eastern cuisine, while our Prague Castle by Night tour provides a majestic backdrop for memorable experiences. Other engaging evening activities include pizza and quiz nights, buffet dinners, and a disco dance party — ensuring students experience the vibrant culture of Prague full on.

Peru Discovery: A rewarding journey through natural wonders and cultural richness 

Peru, a country famous for its remarkable landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is the stage for the Peru Discovery program. Here, students have the opportunity to engage in innovative volunteer projects that support local communities and preserve Peru’s natural wonders.

The journey includes many diverse activities — such as an exciting market challenge, a visit to the mesmerizing Temple of the Moon, and a composting project that promotes sustainability. Immersion in the Quechua community offers insight into indigenous cultures, while the traditional cooking challenge showcases Peruvian culinary traditions.

Reflections throughout the program provide students with a chance to contemplate their experiences and connect with one another. A visit to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, meanwhile, is a program highlight, offering an unforgettable glimpse into ancient marvels. Students will also explore Aguas Calientes Market and take a train journey to Cusco.

For adventure seekers, rafting and natural face painting offer a chance to let loose. A final evening featuring pizza and a disco night adds a memorable touch to the program.

Lisbon Adventure: A dynamic immersion into Portugal’s vibrant culture

Lisbon, with its rich history and vibrant culture, serves as the backdrop for the Lisbon Adventure program. As students explore the city, they will uncover its maritime legacy during the Age of Discovery and experience a fusion of global flavors in its cuisine and culture.

The program encourages students to delve into the heart of CAS while engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goals through enriching activities like a sustainable design workshop, CAS Project Challenge, and active aging project.  

A creative writing and reflection workshop allows students to express themselves, while a pastel de nata cooking class showcases Portugal’s sweet culinary heritage. A surf camp offers ocean thrills, while a local beach clean-up instills the importance of environmental stewardship. Students will also collaborate on a creative project with the “Grannies of Lisbon,” an experience that fosters intergenerational connections and community involvement.

A migrant tour will help students understand the challenges immigrants face, and a day trip to Sintra provides a reprieve at one of Europe’s most serene and charming destinations. The program also includes a sketching workshop, a disco evening, and a Night at the Movies featuring a global selection of films.

Benefits of Attending a Global Student Exchange

Hosting our Global Student Exchanges is a highlight for our team each year. Here are just a few of the benefits we are proud to offer Global Student Exchange participants:

Enhanced international mindedness: Strong reciprocal local connections are the foundation of our Global Student Exchanges. Getting to experience different cultures and communities up close and personal fosters a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of global issues.

Collaboration and learning through cultural diversity: We love bringing students together to connect, and each year, it is heartening to see young people from around the world engaging in teamwork and cross-cultural learning. This prepares them to excel in a diverse world.

Preparation for university life: Getting thrown into a new situation is full of excitement, but it can also be a challenge. These programs instill valuable skills, including independence, critical thinking, and adaptability, essential for success in higher education.

Independence and personal development: For many attendees, our Global Student Exchanges are the first time they have traveled without their families. By venturing out of their comfort zone, students gain independence by navigating new environments, learning to solve challenges, and taking on leadership roles.

Learning to tackle global issues: We do not shy away from the big problems our world is facing. Each Global Student Exchange empowers students to address global issues from a local perspective, inspiring them to be changemakers in their communities.

Register for CAS Trips Global Student Exchanges 2024

The return of Prague Spring, along with the introduction of Peru Discovery and Lisbon Adventure, promises to be a memorable journey filled with impactful volunteer challenges, cultural experiences, and personal growth. With a focus on Creativity, Activity, and Service, these programs empower young people to make a genuine impact on the world. We invite students to join hundreds of international youth next year and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime intercultural collaboration experience.

Get all the details here and contact us now and reserve a spot – it’s first come, first serve!