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#generationIB is a movement established to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Baccalaureate program. It is an opportunity for students of all ages across the globe to showcase their creativity and collaborative skills whilst finding solutions to making the world a better place  – the key is to work together! Click here to see real-time updates of the inspirational projects posted so far.

#generationIB & The Changemakers Challenge

As part of the #generationIB, CAS Trips have launched the Changemakers Challenge to encourage students to identify a pressing issue in our world today – whether it’s regarding the environment or social justice – and tackle it head-on with an easy-to-use step by step framework for collaborative action.

The best part? #generationIB aligns its goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), just like we do. As part of the sustainable development agenda, 17 goals have been created in order to work towards a better future, such as ending poverty, achieving gender equality and offering affordable and clean energy.

When traveling with CAS Trips, every student confronts at least four SDGs as part of the volunteer work and completes at least 20 certified hours of Creativity, Activity and Service experiences. Both #generationIB and The Changemakers Challenge also ask students to work collaboratively in teams, come up with creative solutions and present an effective project which positively addresses the problem.

Participate in #generationIB

If you’ve been on a CAS Trip, you know that collaboration and Service Challenges are at the core of our programs. So why not use a CAS Trips Changemakers Challenge to participate in #generationIB?

Here’s a step by step guide on how to participate in #generationIB, using a CAS Trips project as an example.

  1. Build a team.
    When traveling with CAS Trips this is a no brainer – your team is made up of your travel buddies. CAS Trips’ step-by-step framework offers quizzes and tips to help your team determine each member’s strengths and a role best suited to them.
  2. Choose one of the following five themes from the IBO to focus your project on: Education and Literacy, Social Justice and Equality, Health and Nutrition, Citizenship and Responsibility, or Environment and Humanity.
    Did you tackle homelessness in Prague on a CAS Trip? Perhaps your Changemakers Challenge could be focused on Social Equality? Did you work on an organic farm in Peru? Maybe you will choose to focus on the Environment?
  3. Identify a challenge.
    Let’s take sustainable living as an example. How can we be more sustainable to live healthier lives and cause less harm to the environment?
  4. Share your journey.
    How did working with refugees in Berlin inspire you to make a change? Post photos, videos, sketches, etc. on your social media using the hashtag #generationIB and allow the IBO to follow your process to finding a solution to your challenge. Also don’t forget to tag your location.
  5. Post your solution anytime before the 21st of September 2018.
    Share your Changemakers Challenge and use it to participate in the #generationIB movement. Share your visual documentation using the hashtags #generationIB and #environmentIB.

To be in with a chance of winning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York, Medellin or Prague for your whole team to join fellow IB Changemakers from around the world, post a 180-second video diary of your Changemakers Challenge project by 31st December 2018!

Read the full IBO participation guidelines here.

Ready, Set, Make a Change!

Haven’t had the chance to travel with CAS Trips yet? No problem! You can still browse our destinations to find inspiration for your #generationIB challenge. Just click on the country or city and scroll down to the CAS images, hover over the letter (C, A or S) and see what kind of activities and projects our trips include. Feel free to take an idea and make it your own for #generationIB.

With a little more than a month to go, we encourage you to participate in #generationIB – whether it’s to stock up on CAS experiences, reflect on a previous volunteer trip, or to raise awareness of global issues and animate those around you to become changemakers too.

What are you waiting for? Ready, set, make a change!