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You spoke, and we listened. International school students, parents and teachers around the globe found our 15 CAS Activities for Students at Home resource helpful, and requested more ideas. 

This week we are introducing you to 15 new and original Creative, Active and Service (C-A-S) ideas, which your students can engage with at home. 


  1. Bring people together for an online stand up comedy night on Twitch, for example, to cheer up communities in quarantine. 
  2. Educate yourself on COVID-19 via the World Health Organization’s advice for the public, and design a creative and colorful infographic or poster featuring important information. Maybe even ask your school to share it with everyone! 
  3. Host a virtual school spirit week. Feature different themes to spread positive messages, photos and videos. Use TikTok to document your favorite online learning activity, for example.  
  4. Get your Theater and Arts class together online to The Royal Ballet’s The Winter Tale on May 1st 2020. Impress your teacher by writing a review of the performance. 
  5. Take on any of these coronavirus-related 3D design challenges for students, and help people affected by COVID-19. 


  1. Create an activity choice board – kind of like Bingo – and get active with your friends, sharing your experiences online. 
  2. Experts, like former Navy SEAL officer John “Jocko” Willink, swear by the famous burpee. Willink recommends getting up early and doing 100 burpees first thing in the morning. Keep an exercise journal to track your time and progress.  
  3. Host a virtual dance party! We’ve seen it all – from salsa to electro disco nights on Zoom. Don’t feel like hosting? Join someone else’s
  4. Don’t really feel like getting active at home? Gather some inspiration for the future by watching these five amazing sport documentaries
  5. Don’t have a gym? No problem! You can use these regular household items for your next workout. Take it to the next level by coming up with some of your own ideas on what household items to exercise with. 


  1. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Celebrate last week’s Earth Day by planting trees with one of our official partners, Stand for Trees or Environomica
  2. Create videos using Filmora to help parents and teachers who are at home with kids. Videos could include book readings, sing-a-longs, physical exercises, and much more.
  3. Set up a dog walking system to help the elderly in your community. Check out PosterMyWall for lots of fun templates to use. 
  4. Create a presentation using prezi to support online learning. Remind your fellow students to take breaks, stretch and inform them about the importance of good postures and how to avoid eye strain.
  5. Launch a mental health awareness campaign. Ask yourself and others, “What does mental health mean to you?”  You can find some great resources here

We hope you enjoyed our second round of ideas on how to get Creative, Active and Service-orientated when learning from home. 

Please contact us if you need more inspiration on how to incorporate these important learning elements for your students at home.