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The new online Service opportunities for February are here! Whether you want to explore a country and learn a new language by keeping a foreign student company, read books to younger students, or adopt a British grandparent, these are great options for your meaningful Service project!

Here are this month’s selection of organizations where your help is needed.

1. Participate in Virtual Story Time Through VolunteerCrowd

Enjoy reading and want to pass it on? Use VolunteerCrowd to sign up for virtual story time. To complete the project, you must create a video of you reading one of the organization’s chosen books aloud. Each video should be engaging and about 15-20 minutes long. Your video will then be shared with a younger audience. 

2. Become a PenPal to Another Student 

Missed traveling in 2020? Through Students of the World, you can match with a student your age from a different part of the world. Travel the globe through letters, make a new friend, or even try learning a new language. All you have to do is sign up through their website and then reach out to your new friend!

3. Use BinkyPatrol to Send Comfort to a Child in Need

With BinkyPatrol you can make masks for children in need, blankets for children without comfort, or even binkies for the little ones. Sign up on their website and choose whether you want to help make products, deliver donations, start a chapter, or even ask the organization to contact you if you aren’t sure how your talents would benefit them most.

4. Share Your Voice With Those Without One

Using Vocalid you can share your voice with those who have lost theirs or who have a severe speech impediment. Register on their website today and record your voice or you can help organize and host a community voice drive. 

5. Adopt a British Grandparent 

Through the program London based CHD Living created, if you speak English you can adopt a grandparent to keep company during quarantine. Match with a “Grandparent” based on common interests and participate in video calls – perhaps you’ll make a new friend along the way.

6. Get Creative and Help Children in Foster Care Through Together We Rise 

When children in foster care move out of a house or orphanage they are given trash bags to move all of their belongings. Through Together We Rise, you can get creative and make their move so much easier in four simple steps: register, decorate, pack, and ship. Give these children a little bit of joy!

We also have a bonus Service Learning opportunity for you this month! 

Bonus: Join our Virtual CAS Conference to Fight for Social, Racial and Gender Equality

This online conference hosts a Charity Hackathon that allows students from all around the world to join forces to develop original, solution-focused Service projects in response to a charity’s urgent, authentic need. The conference will take place on different days depending on your region: 

Europe, Africa & Middle East – 6th – 7th of March 2021 
Asia-Pacific: 13th – 14th of March 2021
The Americas: 20th – 21st of March 2021 

For more information on how to register, just click here