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When I first came into Prague I felt it was very bright, peaceful and clean, especially because the air was so clean. I liked all the landmarks we visited and the dinner we ate was really interesting. I actually did not expect to like it at first, because I am a very picky eater but it was way better than expected.

On the second day, we did white water rafting. I have never done this before and was scared for my life. However, after I got over my fear, I forced myself to do it a second time. This was also the first day we got some free time, and got to challenge our sense of direction and find our way around the city. We had the chance to visit anywhere in Prague, and it was very difficult to make a choice.

The third day, we did street art. I thought it was fun because we could be very creative with it. Creativity was an ongoing theme throughout this trip. I liked how we had the freedom to do whatever we pleased. We also got to visit “Jatko 78” which was very interesting.

When we got to cook for the homeless on day four, it was a very eyeopening experience, and I really enjoyed it. The last day was also quite interesting, I liked how we got to feel like children again and be imaginative and creative.