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The Galápagos Islands will inspire you to think differently about the world. They will open your eyes, expand your mind, and allow you to treasure this planet we call home. When Charles Darwin first arrived in the Galápagos, he was not sure what he had discovered. The biodiversity found on the island, and Darwin’s research, helped shape our current understanding of evolution and natural selection.

Of course, you will learn all about Darwin’s research on this unique CAS Trip. But we will do more than just learn about evolution and natural selection. We are going to truly travel this beautiful part of Ecuador. You will experience the country like a local, whilst learning about the local culture and way of life. Regardless of where you will travel to, CAS Trips has ensured that an average of 8 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are incorporated in your trip – including in this one! 

During your Galápagos adventure, you will be embracing five of the UN SDGs. This blog post will explain each UN SDG, how you and your school will learn about each as part of the itinerary, incorporate them into the trip and bring them back home through the Changemakers Challenge. 

UN SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

During the Galápagos cooking challenge, students will learn what it means to source local ingredients, plan a meal and prepare food. During the daily farm challenge, students will engage with the local community and learn about traditional farming techniques and food sourcing. With the help of the local community, a meal will be planned, while trying to limit all possible food waste. 

UN SDG 13: Climate Action

Learn what climate change means first hand from an experienced biologist, and understand how our daily lives impact the planet. You will find out what makes the Galápagos such a unique environment for rare and endemic species, and what the island does to protect itself from climate change. 

UN SDG 14: Life Below Water

One of the main areas of interest during your trip to The Galápagos Islands will be life below water. Snorkel in the prestigious waters of the pacific, spot sea lions and search for the most beautiful iguanas, ones that exist nowhere else on earth! 

UN SDG 15: Life on Land

Life on land is just as crucial for The Galápagos Islands as life below water. The location’s biodiversity is so unique that it represents the perfect foundation for studying evolution. You will learn about reforestation, eradicating invasive species, creating a suitable environment for the re-introduction of nearly extinct animals and much more. You will even get to collaborate with local experts and students on various projects. 

UN SDG 17: Partnerships and their Goals

No matter what destination we travel to, we always ensure to work with local charities, projects and students. During your trip to The Galápagos Islands, we collaborate with a local sustainable farm, where students will stay during their trip. 

Want to travel to some of the most remarkable islands in the world on your next school trip? Contact us today to find out more about our customized itinerary for The Galápagos Islands!