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 Connecting Communities in the Californian Sierra Nevada

The indigenous Maidu tribe lives in the Northern end of the Sierra Nevada range in California. This region is home to 18,804 inhabitants, and well-known as a former hotspot for prospectors during the infamous Gold Rush. Today, 24 communities are spread out over 1 million acres of protected forest, with low accessibility.

During this CLS North America Trip, you will be serving and connecting isolated settlements throughout Sierra Nevada, whose populations suffer from a lack of accessibility, infrastructure and business opportunities. 

Get ready for an exciting week-long outdoor adventure, bringing together local communities through sustainable trail planning and building. You will truly be making a positive impact by developing the infrastructure needed to stimulate economic growth in this naturally stunning part of the world.

The Project

Trail Planning & Building

Students will be creating sustainable and connected communities, providing the Sierra Nevada region with a healthy infrastructure for diversification of business in the local economy. 

The aim of this project is to build recreation-based communities, promoting a sense of stewardship as a means to mitigating the impact of heavy trail traffic in tourist areas. Students will work on providing connectivity and infrastructure to more isolated communities in rugged terrains, whilst monitoring, restoring, preserving and enhancing trails in the protected national forests. The entire project is carried out in an environmentally and ecologically responsible way.

This CAS Trip integrates the following UN SDGs:

We at CAS Trips strive to develop conscientious young global citizens, who experience new cultures and adventures whilst implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our North America Itinerary

Arrival & camp orientation

Trail tour & exploration  

Meet a member of Mountain Maidu Tribe

Mount Hough trail work 

Learn about gold mining & 1800s settlers 


Challenge course

Discover Middle Fork River

Revive forgotten trails 

Swim at the Middle Fork 

Dinner at camp

New construction phase at Mount Hough

Learn about trails in the time of climate change

SBTS headquarter tour

Rugged Roots Farm

Dinner downtown

Claremont planning project

Learn about GIS, GPS & flagging 


Challenge course

Visit Lakes Basin Recreation Area

Hike Sierra Buettes 

Evening activity at camp


Morning hike 

Goodbyes & departure


6-Step Planning Guide


Terms & Conditions


House Rules

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