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Cultural Preservation in Tuscany

Culture has flourished for centuries on the Italian peninsula. The historical heritage from a bygone era acts as a source of culture identity and revenue for a country still battling recent economic crises. However, treasure hunters and looters have endangered many of Italy’s ancient artifacts. 

During this CLS Europe Trip, students will be serving the community of Livorno in Italy in the fight against treasure hunters and looters, who have been ransacking monuments and artifacts from the area. They end up selling Italian heritage for a quick profit, alienating locals from their own history and culture. 

Get ready for an exciting week-long archaeological adventure, taking action in defense of the country’s heritage whilst discovering beautiful Tuscany. You will truly be making a positive impact by ensuring the heritage stays where it belongs.

The Project

Preserving & Protecting Artifacts

Students will be preserving cultural heritage for the local people of Livorno, as well as for visitors and historians. This way locals can reconnect with the historical site and better understand their cultural identity – at no cost to them! 

The aim of this project is to protect artifacts in the excavation sites, and preserve them for the local community to enjoy and connect with as a means to understanding their heritage. Students will be excavating, cataloging and documenting Etruscan and Roman artifacts in an open-access living museum for both archaeologists and the public. The entire project is carried out in an environmentally and ecologically responsible way.

This CLS Trip integrates the following UN SDGs:

We at CAS Trips strive to develop conscientious young global citizens, who experience new cultures and adventures whilst implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Europe Itinerary

Arrival & check-in at accommodation

Health & safety briefing

Learning the importance of preservation

Archaeological project briefing 

Survey, excavation & on-site research 

Italian lesson

Archaeological theory & methods of research

Work on the archaeological excavation site

Sight-seeing by bicycle

Learn about on-site Roman culture

Work on the archaeological excavation site

Visit the local museum

Italian cooking lesson

Anthropological lab

Work on the archaeological excavation site

Renaissance-period castle visit

Lecture on Etruscan Pampolonia

Work on the archaeological excavation site

Visit the Etruscan Necropolis


Morning hike 

Goodbyes & departure


6-Step Planning Guide


Terms & Conditions


House Rules

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