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The Changemakers Challenge

During your CAS Trip, you will learn about the importance of the UN Sustainable Development goals. Upon return, you will be equipped with the required skills to implement a unique and personal service project in your own community.

2019 Winner

2019 Short-List

The challenge

Invent or campaign for something that will make a positive difference in your community.

The task

Create a 180-second video that details:
1. The problem you set out to solve
2. The solution that you came up with
3. How you implemented your solution
4. How you worked as a team and
5. The impact your project had.

The award

Win an all-expenses paid trip to one of our Global Exchange Trips.

Are you an International Baccalaureate student or teacher?

As you know, a ‘CAS Project’ is an obligatory part of the IB Diploma Program. The IB specifies that students must ‘work collaboratively on a CAS Project which involves Creativity, Activity and Service, over a duration for at least one month.’ CAS Trips’ Changemakers Challenge is a framework designed to aid and inspire this collaborative project.

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