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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated to make this CAS Trips come true. It was a great opportunity for me to interact with people whole around the world and to discuss the serious social problem happening in the world. Especially being able to participate in such a beautiful CAS opportunity in the middle of the pandemic is something to be actually grateful of.

I personally was a student that got shy when talking and interpenetrating with people that I’m not comfortable or close with and have hidden my actual self that wanted to socialize with people.  This personality of mine has stopped me from experiencing really helpful and pleasurable thing s in my life and was always a personality trait that I was trying to get rid of. Attending this CAS conference, I had doubts in myself about how I would not be able to express my feeling and about not being able to talk the whole session. However, after discussing the social issues and my opinions and in the breakout room, I gained confidence and was able to express my opinions and comment on others’ opinions too.

Now that I know I’m capable of socializing and discussing important things with people that I have never met, I would like to volunteer and attend to more and more Superb opportunities provided to me. Additionally,  I loved how we were able to listen to the stories of actual people experiencing the negative effects of the social issues discussed. The particular reason for this circumstance is that even though we all have a basic or even advanced knowledge about any kind of social issues, sometimes we may not be able to understand the actual importance and the deepness of the negative effects of it. There fore listening to real experiences has made us reconsider the importance of solving the social issues in the world. To sum up, everything has been stated, I had an exclusively great experience that probably not any organizations but CAS Trips was able to provide.

These opportunities did not just educate me with important social issues, but it was the best opportunity to improve and grow me as a person. By reflecting and evaluating on the experience I had and the information I learned, I would like to look forward to growing as a student and providing pleasurable services and good deeds to the world.

Sincerely, Ayse.