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The latest version of the CAS Trips app is the essential pocket guide for all CAS Trips destinations, empowering students to prepare for their trip, explore UN SDGs, keep track of packing lists, and discover new, innovative ways to document their experiences and learnings.

The app features overviews of our destinations, including key cultural facts, the UN SDGs that our itinerary addresses, and information about how we incorporate sustainability at every step of the travel process, offering students support before, during and after their CAS Trip Read on to discover how the CAS Trips app can help make your next school trip even more successful

CAS Trips App

Pre-trip features

The excitement and curiosity that build in anticipation of a trip is a big part of what makes travel so magical. In addition to indulging in a bit of wanderlust, this is also the time to complete all necessary preparations for the adventure ahead. Our pre-trip section includes a packing list, sustainable travel tips, IB & CAS, pre-trip reflections, and even a social media takeover that can help students connect with their peers. 

Destination-specific packing guides

Having the right items in tow will ensure a smooth and comfortable trip. We provide specific packing lists tailored to each destination based on the seasons we visit. Using a handy checklist, students can easily assume responsibility for organizing everything they need to get the most out of their trip. 

Pre-trip reflection guide

We offer downloadable worksheets that students can use to better prepare for the experience that awaits them. We advise students that once they have familiarized themselves with the itinerary, they select one CAS activity, preferably a Service opportunity, and engage in reflection. We suggest and support a variety of multi-media forms (vlog, poetry storyboard), so each student can work in the medium that suits them best. 

Social media takeover

This is a fun option for students to interact and share their experiences with others worldwide. We invite them to upload videos and reels on the CAS Trips’ TikTok and Instagram pages. All content is welcome, as long as it’s in the spirit of connecting with and inspiring other students in a positive and healthy way. This could include a beautiful landscape, fun times with friends, a CAS activity, a learning experience, or anything else the student deems worthy of sharing. 

CAS Trips App

On-trip features

Now that all preparations are complete, it is time for the action to get underway! The on-trip section of our CAS Trips app is intended to serve as an additional guide and resource for students as they soak up all that their travel itinerary has to offer. 

Destination and emergency contact info

Of course, we do everything we can to ensure our trips run smoothly, but it is also essential to be prepared for any unexpected incidents. On our app, students will find a direct contact to CAS Trips Operations Emergency Helpline and links to all local emergency numbers. 

Destination-specific sustainable travel tips

We are determined to empower our travelers to embrace the possibilities of sustainable travel. This section offers sustainable ways to get around each destination, where to shop for responsibly-made souvenirs, and tips for respecting local customs and political sensitivities.

New Food Waste Fact Sheet

Did you know that one-third of the food produced ends up in this trash? This is a staggering number in light of how many people around the world struggle with undernourishment and inadequate access to food. By highlighting key food waste facts, we invite students to reflect on their own consumption patterns and look for ways to reduce food waste while traveling and when they return home. 

Activity Resources 

Our trips are packed with fun activities that have been carefully crafted for maximum learning potential. From our Sustainable Design Challenge, Slow Fashion Runway, CAS Project Challenge, and Reflection workshop—we have many documents accessible for our On-trip activities to avoid the need to print materials. 


Our CAS Trips app also features an excellent resource detailing the 17 UN SDGs in a youth-oriented way. Students can learn more about the SDGs they are currently engaged with while getting inspiration for issues they would like to tackle in the future. 

CAS Trips App

Post-trip features

When the trip has ended, now is the time for students to reflect on their experience and take stock of what they have learned. We offer a variety of in-app resources for doing so. 

Student and Teacher Surveys

Feedback from our travelers helps us make future offerings even better while allowing students to process their experiences. These concise surveys help us evaluate our travelers’ satisfaction and ensure we are always doing everything in our power to make our trips a rewarding and memorable experience. 

Final reflection submission

Students can also use the app to submit their final reflection from the trip, taking all the evidence and knowledge they have gathered and consolidating it in one accessible place. We encourage students to go beyond superficial descriptions of what happened and use the other on-trip resources to create an engaging and meaningful reflection. 

Links to further CAS and IB resources/Inspiration

Naturally, many students feel particularly inspired to engage in service and action following a successful trip. We offer a variety of resources to help foster this motivation and help students direct their enthusiasm in a targeted and meaningful way. Students will find guides for exploring other destinations and a portal to submit their entries for our CAS Project Challenge

CAS Trips App

The new CAS Trips app is all of CAS Trips, all in one place. So give it a download (iPhone App and Android App) and start planning your next educational travel adventure today!