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We recently hosted our beloved annual CAS Summit in the vibrant city of Dublin. Once a year, we bring together the whole team, including many of our Trip Leaders from diverse corners of the world, for a transformative weekend of workshops, bonding activities, and reflection sessions. The CAS Summit 2024, held last week from Thursday evening to Sunday, provided an opportunity for the CAS Trips community to connect, share insights, and inspire new ideas for the company.

Epic — both socially and professionally.

Founder Simon Armstrong captured the essence of the event, describing it as “epic — both socially and professionally.” Here’s an in-depth look at the highlights and key moments from the CAS Trips Summit in Dublin.

Arrival and networking

Lenneke, our Operations Assistant, who played an instrumental role in organizing the event, summarized the event’s opening energy, “The summit commenced on Thursday evening, and everyone was eager to connect with old friends and make new ones. 

The group chat took off immediately, laying the groundwork for a camaraderie-filled weekend. The evening ahead included drinks and dinner, setting a friendly and informal tone for the coming days. Internal staff also gathered to welcome new members to the CAS Trips family — and it was clear right away that we were in for a fun and rewarding weekend.”

Building informal bonds and mutual understanding

Friday marked the official commencement of the summit, with Directors Simon and Callum welcoming participants and underscoring the summit’s main focus – for Trip Leaders to connect and for the internal team to better understand the on-the-ground experience of the fabulous guides who bring our trips to life

The first day featured a series of engaging workshops led by Simon, Callum, and Alexis Toye, an experienced IB teacher, who provided valuable insights and got everyone laughing. All of the weekend’s workshops were an interactive and energetic mix, where participants could share and acquire knowledge in equal measure. From building structures out of marshmallows and spaghetti to learning unique quirks and commonalities with new acquaintances — the weekend’s workshops were about stepping outside one’s comfort zone and promoting teamwork and creativity.

Of course, there was also a focus on practical skills and sharing experiences, best practices, struggles, and triumphs. One workshop was all about gaming out different scenarios that might be encountered on a CAS Trip. It became a powerful and entertaining platform for individuals to reflect on how they have and would respond to and overcome challenges faced while traveling with students. 

Let’s just say the CAS Trips team has had to deal with some very interesting obstacles while on the road, and laughing and learning about how they were handled reinforced a sense of solidarity and mutual understanding.

Reflections and celebrations

On our trips, there is always a strong emphasis on building community and lasting ties, so naturally, the summit was no different. There was plenty of time for attendees to interact in a less formal setting, and it was evident that Trip Leaders from around the world were grateful to have a chance to swap stories and learn from the experiences of their peers. 

In addition to structured activities, participants enjoyed ample free time for cultural immersion. Exploring Dublin and connecting with local people provided a unique perspective and a chance to build relationships. Sports bars, ping pong, pool, and traditional Irish pub dinners facilitated casual mingling. 

Birthdays were celebrated with cake and singing, creating a familial atmosphere that characterizes the CAS Trips ethos. An outdoor reflection session encouraged participants to connect and share their views on the week’s learnings, culminating in some heartwarming moments of collective energy. 

New ideas and seeds of innovation

As the summit drew to a close, the prevailing sentiment was one of accomplishment and camaraderie. The time together sparked innovative ideas, like the collection of videos by Trip Leaders to share their experiences. New friendships were forged, and connections were strengthened, leaving everyone with a sense of fulfillment and excitement for the future.

We are so grateful to have shared this experience with our team, and we feel the summit exemplified our dedication to enriching the educational travel experience for students and educators through a global network of passionate and connected individuals.

Learn more about the wonderful people who make CAS Trips possible on our Blog and About pages, and stay tuned for future profiles on our remarkable CAS Trips Leaders!