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As we approach the end of the year, we approach the climax of our student impact calendar here at CAS Trips —  the CAS Project Challenge. Our annual competition seeks to find the most original and impactful collaborative student project in the world this past year, and the countdown is underway, with submissions closing at 12 pm CET on the 20th of December 2023 and scholarship places for our Global Student Conference in Edinburgh being awarded to the winners. 

Whether you are new to the CAS Project Challenge or seeking insights to elevate your chances of success, you will find everything you need here. Learn from past winners who have made powerful contributions to their communities and meet this year’s outstanding panel of judges! 

Understanding the CAS Project Challenge

The CAS Project Challenge is a platform that has been carefully designed to equip and empower individuals to create a positive impact on their communities. Simon Armstrong, CAS Trips’ Founder, also emphasizes its significance in simplifying the organization of CAS Projects for students amid their academic commitments. “The CAS Project, or any student-led impact project, is always a massive undertaking, so we wanted to support students on their journey by offering materials, tools, and structure to alleviate organizational hurdles, motivating students to effect tangible change,” explains Armstrong.

Aligned explicitly with the 5 Stages of CAS, this challenge provides a structured framework, serving as a catalyst for IBDP students. Thoughtfully crafted worksheets and methodology complement the CAS Project instructions, aiding students in their project development process.

Steps to enter the CAS Project Challenge

Do you have an idea brewing for the CAS Project Challenge? Here is a breakdown of how it works:

Step 1: Build Your Team

Form a team comprising 3 to 6 members, all aged under 25. Appoint an adult supervisor to oversee the project. Leverage the Changemaker Quiz to assign team roles based on individual strengths.

Step 2: Explore the UN SDGs: Think Global

Link your CAS Project Challenge to one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. Engage in thorough research on the 17 SDGs, exploring their targets and ongoing progress.

Step 3: Identify a Community Issue

Conduct an in-depth analysis of prevalent community issues. Utilize the Brainstorming Worksheet to select a cause aligned with your team’s passions.

Step 4: Execute the CAS Project Challenge

Effective organization is key. Utilize the Action Plan Worksheet, aligned with the 5 Stages of CAS, to guide your team through project execution. Document your progress through photos and videos from project initiation.

Before presenting your video by the 20th of December 2023, 12 pm CET, ensure compliance with the project evaluation breakdown and submission guidelines.

Inspiration from last year’s champions

Cases4Care, winners from our 2022 Challenge, exemplify impactful action. Chiara Zhang, Harsheen Punjabi, Stella Eddy, and Rania Kusumadinata from The British School Jakarta advocated for UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education for All. Their project entailed establishing five multipurpose libraries in Bantar Gebang, Southeast Asia’s largest trash site, benefiting over 7,000 families and 1000 children facing challenging living conditions.

These libraries now serve as educational hubs, offering essential learning resources. Cases4Care’s continuous efforts have attracted significant sponsorships, expanding their reach. Collaborating with MIT University’s Compassionate Systems Learning Team, they’ve focused on mental health awareness among Bantar Gebang’s children.

In an interview, Rania Kusumadinata expressed, “Winning The CAS Project Challenge validates our aspirations to support SDG 4 in Bantar Gebang. It empowers us to inspire global change-makers for the greater good.”

Meet the esteemed judges of 2023

We are honored to welcome a distinguished panel of judges, each a luminary in their field, chosen for their dedication to fostering positive global change. These influential personalities bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a deep commitment to the values embedded within the CAS ethos. From gender justice activism to climate advocacy, education, and social entrepreneurship — their collective expertise and diverse perspectives promise a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.

  • Ronelle King: Gender Justice Activist and UN Young Leader from Barbados.
  • Nyombi Morris: Climate Activist and Fellow @Climate2025 advocating change in Uganda.
  • Megan DuVarney Forbes: Award-winning educator at Arcadia Unified School District in California.
  • Jessica Holsman: Bestselling author and mindfulness coach from Australia.
  • Conrad Hughes: South African-British educator and Director General of the International School of Geneva.

Time is ticking: Final Call!

Remember that the winning team will be awarded a scholarship to present their project at the esteemed CAS Trips Global Student Conference (GSC) next year. Scheduled from July 15th to 20th, 2024, in the captivating locale of Edinburgh, Scotland, this conference is designed to engage and empower young global leaders. The conference’s theme, “Water – Creating a Ripple Effect,” aligns closely with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on environmental protection and climate change.

Expect immersive plenary sessions and workshops, collaborating with renowned academics to confront pressing global challenges. For detailed information and enrollment specifics, explore the comprehensive details available here

So act swiftly! The countdown is on for the CAS Project Challenge video project submission deadline, which is closing at 12 pm CET on December 20th, 2023. Seize this opportunity to drive change. 

Find everything you need to participate here