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Are your students struggling with their CAS Portfolios? Are they demotivated by the restrictions of the pandemic or falling behind as they enter DP2?

Our unique CAS workshop invites incoming or existing IBDP students to join our team of IB facilitators and DP student alumni in a deep-dive exploration of just what CAS is, and what it could mean to them.

Designed to inform and inspire, the customized CAS Induction Workshop is split into short presentations by CAS experts and former CAS students, followed by interactive breakout sessions to develop students’ understanding, motivations and plans for CAS.

What topics are covered in the workshop?

The expectations & requirements of CAS

What is / What is not CAS

Making CAS fun

How to construct meaningful reflections

Meeting the 7 Learning Outcomes

Ethical Service Learning

How to organise an impactful CAS Project

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